Smash your hoop goals this September

Hula Hoop Goals

Got hoop goals? What are you working and playing hard to unlock? Let’s tune in together in September and smash your hoop goals to open up to new freedom in your movement, play in your day and connection in your body. Choose an experience that suits your hoop visions for this year. 7 Day Waist … Keep reading

Day 7 – Birthday Hoop Jam Workout – 7 Day Hoop Challenge

7 Day Hoop Challenge | Day 7

I am so excited to celebrate with you on my 37th birthday. This last year has been such an incredible adventure and it has been made extra special by spinning around with you. Whether we have connected in classes, workshops, hoop gatherings or online I really want to thank you with all of my heart … Keep reading

Day 6 – Hoop Workout | Twin Mix Up

Day 6 - 7 days hula hoop challenge with Deanne Love

Day 6 is just mega mix of radness. I promise you if the other days have not worked you out today will. And if you find this tricky then just know that within a few days (maybe weeks) of practicing this you are going to be stronger and more confident in your hoop than ever … Keep reading

Day 5 – Hoop Aerobics – 7 Day Hoop Workout

Day 5 Hula Hoop Workout

Alright hooper I need you to run to your wardrobe and grab everything fluro, put it on grab your hoop and then you are officially ready for hoop aerobics. Today’s workout might be a kitschy concoction but it is also an incredible training session if you want to have freedom and flow inside your hoop … Keep reading