Smash your hoop goals this September

Hula Hoop Goals

Got hoop goals? What are you working and playing hard to unlock? Let’s tune in together in September and smash your hoop goals to open up to new freedom in your movement, play in your day and connection in your body. Choose an experience that suits your hoop visions for this year. 7 Day Waist … Keep reading

Meet some of the Hoop Love Coaches

Meet Hoop Love Coaches

Hoop Love Coach training puts a huge emphasis on supporting, making positive and powerful alignments. In a group of over 200 other hoop teachers there is always a daily conversation and questions about a huge range of topics from class ideas and hoop making to marketing and business growth. I always make a point of … Keep reading

Is teaching hoop dance sustainable?

10 Ways Hula Hoop Teachers Sustain Themselves

In the Hoop Love Coach training we dig into how hoop teachers open up to abundance in the form of connections and income. In this blog we take a look at some ways you can sustain your income as a hoop teacher. As more and more professional teachers and facilitators take on hoop teaching the … Keep reading

Hoop Dance Teacher Training : What do you get?

Hoop Teacher Training Hoop Love Coach Training

Hoop teacher training is a powerful way to connect you to a stream of support and inspiration if you want to be a successful hoop teacher. Hoop Love Coach training is not about a certificate it is about personal and professional growth. It is about learning from and connecting with myself and hundreds of experienced … Keep reading

Hoop Teachers : How to fill your workshops with hoopers

How to fill your Hula Hoop Class

Yes,¬†we all want to have a full house of hooping bodies when we open the doors on our workshops, hoop classes or retreats but it is not always a case of “build it and they will come” Here are some powerful ways successful hoop teachers attract their ideal hoopers. And just to keep it fresh…none … Keep reading