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Q: What Size Hula Hoop Should I Buy? For Beginners & Beyond

There are two basic things you need to start hooping:

  1. a hoop that is the right size for you
  2. hoop tricks, transitions & technique

Below is everything you need to get both of these things and start hooping.

What is the right size hoop?

Here are the sizes that I like to use:

95cm/37″ diameter in HDPE 3/4″ tubing : great for total beginners

90cm/34″ (or less) diameter in polypro 3/4″ tubing: lighter weight for tricks & flow

75cm/29″ diameter in polypro 5/8″ tubing: faster, lighter, great for twins and tricks


If you have tried a kiddies size hoop from the dollar store and felt like a failure don’t worry it is NOT you it’s the hoop!

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Size matters and finding the right size hoop for you is essential for finding your hoop dance flow (or even keeping the freakin’ thing UP!)

Here are a few tips to help you buy the right size hula hoop:

1. Generally, if you measure from the floor in front of your toes up to about your belly button that will give you a great approximate diameter size. Most hoop stores online and offline will sell their hoops by diameter.

2. The weight or diameter of the tubing that the hoops are made of makes them different. Generally there are 3 types; Fitness/Power/Thicker tubing (25mm:1″), Dance/Regular tubing (20mm:3/4″) and PolyPro/Featherlight (16mm:1/2″ 3/4″ 5/8″) but of course there are other variations so always check in with your hoop maker to be sure.

3. If you are buying online and unsure of the right size, contact the seller and let them know your Floor to Belly Button dimensions, as well as your height and ask them to recommend a good size for you as a beginner.

4. If you want to use your hoop to dance and do tricks a hoop that is too heavy and restricts your movement is not ideal for you. So investing in the ultra heavy hoops that are being marketed as fitness tools is going to be a waste of money. Generally dance hoops and fitness hoops great for total beginners but that allow you to move, do tricks and have hooping success weigh 200 – 800g : 0.7lb – 1.5lb .

If you are going to use your hoop for on and off body dance and fitness moves anything heavier is potentially dangerous to joints and nose/teeth/valuable items in the room if you should loose control of it while transitioning between tricks.

You will tone your body, burn fat and see results from a hoop that allows you to move, the more you move the more you will see results. Calories are burned more quickly and effectively with lively, aerobic activity not by 5 -10 mins of relaxed abdominal thrusting. You need a hoop that allows you to play.

5. Many hoopers have a variety of hoops in their stack as they progress. You may end up having more than just one hoop.

6. Yes, it is possible to make your own hoops if you find the right materials. There are some cool tutorials out there, here is one. There are so many amazing hoop tapes to decorate your hoops with. This holographic tape looks incredible. Adding gaffer tape for extra grip is ideal. And you can buy many types of hoop tubing, like this polypro tubing or heavier pipe for weighted hoops.


Now you need some hoop tricks, transitions and technique to practice. Start here…

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