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10 Hula Hoop Workouts | Dance Fitness at Home

10 hula hoop workouts Get fit by hula hooping

Working out at home has never been more playful and easy. It is time to take extra care of yourself and those around you. Staying strong, healthy and vibrant in these times is essential.

Hooping has been named by the NY Times as one of the most fun ways to take care of yourself during quarantine or isolation.

Yes, we hoopers already knew that!

Here are 10 hula hoop workouts you can do at home.

1. Grab your on-body hoop and get your body pumping.


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Free Waist Hooping Online Challenge with Deane Love


2. A hoop workout to Ariana Grande’s Into You, a hoo choreography for you to groove to

Want to learn more? Try the online Hooplovers courses to level up your fitness fun and hoop skills.

Hooplovers Free Online Hula Hoop Courses to join


3. Want a hoop challenge? All on body, all levels.


For more hoop workouts check out the Hooplovers YouTube Workout PlaylistFree Hoop Workouts Playlists on Youtube with Deanne Love


4. Work those arms, open up your chest, breathe deeply!


5. A 5 minute workout with extra fun


Learn Hula Hoop Online how to hual hoop


6. 15 Minute Hoop Sweat Session!


7.Strong and flexible shoulders


8. Strong dancer arms using your hoop


9. Off Body Breaks for coordination and flow


10. 5 Minute Belly Blast to get blood pumping and vibes high even when you are stuff at home

The NY Times has just released: You Can Take Care of Yourself in Coronavirus Quarantine or Isolation, Starting Right Now

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