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5 Steps to Waist Hooping (Step by step guide)

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Grab your hoop. Here are 5 tips for having the most fun with your waist hooping and prepare you for even more playful tricks.

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1. The right size hoop

Before starting any hooping adventure, you must have the right size hoop. If you are an adult, a kid’s hoop is too small.
To check if you have the right size hoop, rest your hoop upright in front of you touching the floor. If it comes up to around your belly button or higher your hoop is a great diameter to get started.

Tip: If your hoop is much smaller (than belly button height) you will find it challenging for waist hooping but you can still use it for some hand hooping and off body tricks.

The Right Size Hoop for basic hoop dance movement

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2. Moving your body

Now that you have the right hoop, let’s get our body warmed up. Start by shaking out your knees then move onto the hips, your waist, chest, shoulders, and head. And then one final full-body shake. Notice how your body feels and how it likes to move.

Tip: For waist hooping success most of your movement should come from your waist and not other parts of your body. This can take some time to master.

Begin to move your waist in a forward and backwards motion, pushing from your belly button forward and backwards. Keeping our chest and our knees soft but still. Slightly tucking your pelvis under, see if you can make all the movement come from your waist.

Waist Hooping Guide: Moving your Body

3. Where to place your feet

When beginning to waist hoop it is best to start by putting your dominant foot in front of your other foot. This helps bring more oomph to your waist movements. If that feels super awkward you can also place your feet about hip distance apart and side by side to give you a stable hoop stance.

Where to Place Your Feet when you start

4. Starting position

Now, let’s pick up our hoop and try spinning it on our waist. But before we push the hoop we want to place it in a good starting position.

Step inside your hoop and bring it up to your waist. Place the hoop against the small of your back so it is sticking out in front of you.

Waist Hooping Starting Position

5, …And Push

Using your hands push the hoop towards your side, if you are right-handed push the hoop anti-clockwise and if you are left-handed push the hoop clockwise. Give it a firm and flat push.
As the hoop spins around your body you want to use the movements we practiced earlier. Push your waist forwards and backwards from your belly button pulsing the hoop around.

Tip: Make sure you keep your body upright. Don’t push out your bum because that will make the hoop drop. Only move your waist like the movements we practised.

And Push the hula hoop

Bonus points:

If the hoop drops (and it will) do your favourite pose as a celebration. Enjoy the process and know that you will get it in time.

Now you know how to waist hoop and have fallen in love with hooping you can do it again and again.
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Bonus Tip : Do your favourite pause when you drop a hula hoop


Are you struggling? Why? Hoop dropping? Does your hoop keep dropping? Don’t feel sad! Hoop dropping is inevitable and it happens to all of us. Take a moment to check what you could be doing wrong.

Are you sticking your bum out? If so, try tucking your pelvis under a little, stand upright, take a deep breath and try again.

Are you moving too many body parts? If so practice moving just your waist without your hoop, forwards and backwards, side to side and around in a very small circle. Pick up your hoop take a deep breath and try again.

Don’t rush!

It’s not a competition, you can totally take your time! Just like anything you are learning, you can’t be the best without a lot of patience and playtime. So take deep breaths and try again, always try again. It is worth it. Promise.

Struggling to find the beat?

Are you finding it difficult to find your rhythm, your beat? MUSIC!! Turn up your jams!! Your most favourite uplifting songs add them to a playlist and play them when you are practising. You got this.

But if you are struggling to find some upbeat tunes that you love, check out some of our playlists. >> Hula Hoop Playlist for you