Monthly Hoop Dance Flow with Deanne Love

Can’t make it to hoop class? Need some new hoop inspiration? Love the way I break moves down and connect hoop flow? Need the momentum to find new movement and creativity with your hooping? Need more than tutorials and tips to piece your hooping together? Want to access hoop dance flow?

Monthly Hoop Dance Flow with Deanne Love
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If you've been hesitant on taking Deanne's classes, take the leap! For an insanely affordable price, you get 4 classes in a month around an hour each, a LIVE Q&A with Deanne and a killer Spotify playlist. Every week you learn coordination, balance and moves you thought you could never do. It's a perfect blend of on and off body hooping. My favorite part is how she breaks down a move. No matter what level you are at in hooping, you'll find a new way to incorporate it into your flow or a way to utilize that move. It's incredible! Who knew barrel rolls could be so complex and fun! I'll be taking her classes for as long as she gives them, for sure.
I can't get to an actual hoop class right now and they are perfect for me. The pace is perfect, and I love the classes are inclusive for hooper's of many different levels. As someone who just started hooping three months ago, I am often overwhelmed by all there is to learn and I feel like these classes keep me centered and focused on some good hooping skills. I feel that WHO you learn from is important and Deanne is my favourite to learn hooping from, as not only is she a wonderful teacher, she is also a very inspiring, encouraging and supportive person. I love these classes, and always look forward to a new one each week!

What's included?

September 2018 Schedule

  • Week1 Sept 9
  • Week2 Sept 16
  • Week3 Sept 23
  • Week4 Sept 30

4 x weekly hoop flow classes with me (to stream or download)

Each week you will get a new hoop flow class with me, complete with warm-up, skill focus, flow sessions, play time and cool down.

Yes, it is just like being in a real class with me but you get to save on the airfares.

Each week we will explore new skills, flow, technique and play inside our hoop. All classes will include a combination of off body and on body skills and flow.

All classes will be multi-level and designed for a range of hoop sizes (although I won’t cover mini hoop : smaller than 30″ technique and I never recommend very heavy “fitness” hoops for safe hoop dance flow)

1 x live group Q&A session for real-time troubleshooting

Jump into a live video room with me and get your questions answered. If we are working on something in class and you need extra support this is the place to ask.

If you miss this session it will be recorded for you and added to your virtual classroom so that you can watch it when you have time.

1 x monthly hoop playlist for your own practice

Hoops love music and I love creating playlists for you. I will personalize a playlist for this month that you can use in your practice times.

These classes keep me inspired and moving on my hoop journey. With no local classes I was becoming stagnant practising the same moves. This has helped me learn new moves, perfect ones I’d struggled with and found new connections. Amazing value and as always taught beautifully! I’d be lost without Deanne in my hoop life 💕
Deanne Love is the BEST! Her classes are so fun and inspiring! We get to learn something new each week and focus on different areas each week. It’s also very relaxed and at your own pace, which is perfect for everyone!! It feels like you’re in the actual class with Deanne, who is so sweet, and a great teacher! If you’re a hooper looking for more fun ways to hoop, take this class!!
anyilla @blissfully_me


Most frequent questions and answers

No, you can purchase a month of Hoop Flow Classes (4 x classes, 1 x live q&a, 1 playlist) before the 1st of each month for $19. 

Yes, once you have purchased the Hoop Flow Class Pack of your choice it will belong to you and stay in your dashboard for you to watch and hoop along with any time you like

A new Hoop Flow Class Pack (4 x weekly hoop classes, 1 x live q&a session, 1 playlist) will be released on the 1st of each month. They will be available for $19 up until the 1st of each month.

Please get in touch via email hello @

Once you sign up for the Hoop Flow Class pack you will get access to a virtual classroom. It sounds tricky but it is super simple. 


You will log in with your email address and a password, just like Facebook or any other online space. Once you log in your will be able to see your classes. See you in there!

Thank you for sharing your positive outlook and joy of hooping with the world! I always end your classes feeling inspired! Every class opens up new transitions and possibilities for movement where I thought there was none. I walk away from classes into the world as a confident woman becoming more and more okay with "taking up space". That is something beyond hooping that you've given me and I am truly grateful for it!
I'm really enjoying these flow classes! I like that you suggest ways to modify the moves for hoopers who either haven't yet learned a certain trick or who are physically unable to do something. It makes the classes relevant to both beginner and intermediate hoopers. I also feel like I'm at an actual hoop class with you which is totally cool! I think that what I like most about the way you teach is that I don't feel intimidated by you. You make the tricks seem attainable by anybody and you are THE BEST at breaking down a trick.
Tami from Canada

Grab this month's Hoop Flow Class Pack before Sept 10 , 2018

$ AUD37 One-time Payment
  • Life-time Access
  • 4 x weekly hoop flow classes
  • 1 x live Q&A session for real-time troubleshooting
  • 1 x monthly hoop playlist for your own practice