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10 Fresh Playlists for Hoop Flow Sessions

Music is a magic ingredient for any flow session, workout or dance party. Here are 10 fresh playlists for you to use for your next workout session, dance party or hoop playtime.   Get Back Into It – a playful and pumping mix of upbeats tunes to get you up and moving. New Moon Moves

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Learn 100 Hula Hoop Tricks and Moves
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100 Hoop Moves for Beginners to Beyond

Every day hoopers are coming up with new and creative ways to use a hula hoop. Variations, modifications and styles. All of these moves come from a core group of foundation moves. While it is impossible to pinpoint the exact hoop tricks that all variations stem from this list of 100 Hoop Tricks is a

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10 tips from 10 years of teaching hooping

Here are my top 10 tips from 10 years of as a hula hoop teacher both online and offline. It was really hard to choose just 10 lessons or tips that I have learned over 10 years of teaching hooping. grab your journal + switch off distractions + press play  I have been hooping since

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What is Hooplovers?

Hooplovers is your online destination for hula hoop dance learning. We share the largest library of free hoop dance tutorials, downloadable lessons, online hoop courses and hula hoop dance teacher training resources. Hooplovers is the ultimate portal for total beginners, well seasoned hoop spinners or those looking to become professional hoop instructors.

What is Hooping?

Hooping is a full body, fun workout. Hooping is a mood altering practice. Hooping is an expressive form of freedom. Hooping is playtime for adults. Hooping is for all ages, skill levels and bodies. Hooping is dance inside an adult size hula hoop.

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The Founder

Deanne Love has launched a global revolution inside the hula hoop. Hoopers around the globe tune in to learn from Deanne’s fresh and passionately positive style of hoop dance instruction. The one time primary school teacher and creative founder of shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and hoop teacher education.

Strong in the art of streamlined instruction and intuitive facilitation, Deanne turns up the volume on the “feel-good-factor” as a focus of success for all level of hooper. She shares hoop dance as a delicious hot pot of tricks, transitions and technique. Harnessing both the flavours of individual style and collective energy, Deanne supports group diversity and the exploration of unique hoop stardom in all of her facilitation.

Hooplovers Deanne Love Featured by press

OMG….thank goodness for youtube and finding you on the tube. It changed my LIFE!!!! You are such an inspiration for me and flow hooping. You are the BEST.
Sherri ★★★★★

I too, am a new hooper and you are my Hooping Guru and the best online teacher. Your passion and energy are contagious. Thank you for all you do in sharing the Hoop Love xx – Jane
Jane  ★★★★★

Deanne Love heart emoticon !! Your videos are the best . As a new hooper .you are my favorite on line teacher !!! Thank you THANK YOU for sharing your LOVE ! heart emoticon – 
Opal  ★★★★★

Thank you to the end of the universe and back for all the love and support you put into your videos and everything you do. Your beautiful soul has inspired me and many others; and I’m absolutely sure that you will continue to inspire and connect people via your love for hula hooping, your boundless energy, and your kind spirit. Congratulations on your Youtube collaboration!! May you always be inspired and an inspiration! – kitty.hooper  ★★★★★

When i took up hooping you were the one to really open my eyes to how amazing it is and what it could really be! You are so positive and upbeat in every video and every time someone talks to me about a good ab workout i always refer them to your videos! Happy hooplovers forever! – Serena

Your videos are what got me into hooping! I’ve learned so much from your tutorials and I can’t thank you enough for all the lovely advice and motivation you’ve given me even if you didn’t know it! – Melissa