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Music for Hoopers | 10 Fresh Playlists for Hoop Flow Sessions

10 hoop playlists for your hoop practice

Music is a magic ingredient for any flow session, workout or dance party. Here are 10 fresh playlists for you to use for your next workout session, dance party or hoop playtime.


“Hey Hoopers” – the ultimate Spotify playlist exclusively for hula hoopers and flow artists. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your hoop journey, this carefully crafted collection of tracks is here to elevate your hoop experience to new heights of rhythmic bliss ⚡️


Happy Hooping High vibes, funky beats and captivating melodies for a happy hoop dance session. Move your body and LOVE IT!


Trick Restriction Tap into your non-habitual movement and fullest expression. Learn more about the art of trick restriction here  A diverse playlist to support new moves and creativity for your next hooping or dance session


Starting the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge? Here is a flowing playlist to support your journey.


Need some fresh inspiration for your movement sessions and workouts? Click here for 100s of free tutorials to get you moving and motivated by fun and play. Move your body and LOVE IT!


Ecstatic Flow  Take a moment, with or without your hoop to close your eyes, sip in breath, drop into movement. Pick a song or release into the whole playlist.


Are you moving through the 21 Day Flow Challenge and need some extra inspiration? This is the playlist for you.


Check out the full range of hoop learning online. Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. Get the guidance and support you need to get creative, build strength, fitness & flow.

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Full Moon Flow Embrace the luminous energy of the Full Moon with these celestial tunes. Let the music illuminate your soul and dance under the moonlit sky. Perfect for free flowing hoop session or lunar rituals of movement 🌕✨🎶


Hoop Love Coaches & Hoop Teachers get your classes, parties or workshops warmed up with this Warm Up playlist

Creating shapes with the 21 Day Twin Flow Experience? This is the playlist for you!


Celebrate your cycles and the strength they bring. Let this playlist accompany you through the ups and downs, reminding you that you are resilient, powerful, and beautifully connected to the rhythms of the universe. Tune in, embrace your flow, and find comfort in these melodic companions.

Daily 7 Minute Waist Hooping HITT : Feel good the fun way.

Make PLAY your workout and let it become your lifestyle not a chore.

7 Minute Hulahoop workout with Deanne Love

Get your groove on with “Disco Flow” Feel the rhythm, dance freely, and let the disco beats ignite your soul. It’s time to shine on the dancefloor! 🕺🎶


Indulge in the Pleasure Soul Flow, a sensuous journey of music that ignites the soul. Let the rhythms caress your spirit and elevate your senses. 🌌✨🎶


Happy hooping beautiful humans. These playlists will bring many playful and sweaty moments to your fitness workouts, hooping playtime and living room dance parties.


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