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10 Fresh Playlists for Hoop Flow Sessions

10 hoop playlists for your hoop practice

Music is a magic ingredient for any flow session, workout or dance party. Here are 10 fresh playlists for you to use for your next workout session, dance party or hoop playtime.


Get Back Into It – a playful and pumping mix of upbeats tunes to get you up and moving.

New Moon Moves – a chilled but flowing soundtrack for your next moving meditation or flow session. Use this one to bring a calming influence to your warm ups, cool downs or workout.

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Trick Restriction – a diverse playlist to support new moves and creativity for your next hooping or dance session

For more information about the benefits of Trick Restriction click here 


100 Days of Flow – if you are looking for a playlist to activate your daily flow, workouts or moving meditation this is it. Created for the 100 days of flow this playlist will guide you through with a variety of energy and emotion. Hours of tunes for any type of movement.


Need some fresh inspiration for your movement sessions and workouts? Click here for 100s of free tutorials to get you moving and motivated by fun and play. Move your body and LOVE IT!


21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge Playlist – this one is created to ignite your upper body flow and freedom. Not shoulder hooping yet? Try the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping challenge

Pleasure – a soothing, free-flowing playlist for embodiment practices, pleasure sessions and self-care rituals. 8 hours of healing, yummy goodness.

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Ecstatic Soul Flow – Take a moment, with or without your hoop to close your eyes, take a deep breath and drop into movement. Pick a song or simply set this playlist in motion and move with it.

Blissful Disco – Hours of blissing out at your next living room dance party or picnic disco. Pick a song or pop this one on shuffle and let it flow



Daily 7 Minute Waist Hooping HITT : Feel good the fun way.

Make PLAY your workout and let it become your lifestyle not a chore.

7 Minute Hulahoop workout with Deanne Love

On Body Hoop Love – bring the energy up with an on body hooping session. Turn up the tunes, grab your hoop and have your own dance party!


Happy Hooping – High vibes, funky beats and captivating melodies for a happy hoop dance session. Put your hands up in the air and hoop the sads away! Feel good, come alive. Move your body and LOVE IT!


Happy hooping beautiful humans. These playlists will bring many playful and sweaty moments to your fitness workouts, hooping playtime and living room dance parties.


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