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Do I really need a weighted hoop?

Weighted Hoop vs Dance Hoop

Weighted hoops. Are they more effective than dance hoops? Do they burn more calories? Do you need a weighted hoop?

To answer these questions I had to do a test. The results were interesting and I made a video for you.

First of all, let’s define what a Weighted Hoop really is.

A hoop that weighs more than 1kg/2lbs is usually considered a weighted hoop. Hoops that are made of extra heavy plastic, rubber and sometimes metal are referred to as weighted hoops.

This kind of extra heavy, fitness hoop is a weighted hoop. Or this 3lb hoop is a weighted hoop.

In my test to see if a weighted hoop really burns more calories, like they often advertise, I used a 1/5kg/3.3lb hoop.

Some hoop makers may call their hoops weighted hoops even when they are not very heavy, so it is best to check the weight and size of your hoop before you buy it.

This week I strapped on my FitBit and set my timer. Using a weighted hoop (1.5kg/3.3lb) and a dance hoop (500g/1.1lb) I hooped for 10 minutes with each one and recorded the results.

Results and opinions:

After waist hooping with the weighted hoop for 10 mins my FitBit said I burned 40 calories. After waist hooping with the dance hoop for 10 minutes my FitBit said I burned 58 calories.

The Weighted Hoop made me feel uncomfortable and almost a little sick in the stomach. The weight was far too heavy and I would not feel safe dancing, moving or doing any tricks with the heavy, weighted hoop. I felt certain that it would bruise me and I was scared to drop it on my feet.

The Dance Hoop felt more comfortable and because it was lighter, but not too light, I had to work a little harder and felt my muscles activated more and it gave me more of that euphoric feeling that I love from a workout.

In my opinion, extra heavy, Weighted Hoops are unnecessary and uncomfortable, they restrict my movement. Movement is what burns more calories and makes me feel more toned, stronger and more creative. I am worried that the extra heavy weight might cause bruising on my waist or be doing damage to my body.

Beginner hoopers or hoopers who enjoy on body hooping  should be looking for a diameter that makes it easy for them to keep the hoop up and spinning but they do not need the extra, uncomfortable weight of a heavy, weighted hoop.

I would love to hear your opinion. Try a similar test yourself. If you have a FitBit or heart rate monitor, a weighted hoop and lighter dance hoop, plus a timer please give this test a go. How many calories do you burn and how do you feel after 10 minutes with each hoop?


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