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Most Fun Way to Get Fit: How to Hula Hoop for Total Beginners

Want to feel good, move with flow and have a ton of fun? Of course, you do. Grab an adult size hoop that is right for you, and let’s do this!

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Before you start there are a few things you need:

The Right Size Hoop.

Most importantly you need the right size hula hoop. If you have tried a little kid’s hoop and felt like a failure never fear; it is not you it is the hoop! The right size hoop for you should measure from the ground up to about your belly button (or beyond). If you are trying to use a kid’s hoop from a toy store, sports store or Walmart/Kmart you are setting yourself up for disaster.

(Where to buy a hoop. Or make one.)

– Learn online now

To get you started I recommend my Free 7 Day Waist Hooping course. After that you might enjoy the 10 tricks for Total Beginners. If you are feeling like you want to continue after that I highly recommend the 28 Day Hoopers Starter Pack to give you strong support in your first month of hooping.

You can also try out a bunch of tutorials on the Hooplovers YouTube

A Hoop Space.

Once you have your adult size hoop if you want to hula hoop inside you will need to clear some space so that you don’t go crashing into everything around you. Heading outdoors to the park or beach is ideal but a large indoor space where you can move freely is great.

– A focus on fun

Hooping is something that takes play and practice. If you have not been moving or dancing much them you need to be patient with your body and give it plenty of time and practice to get used to the movement of hooping.

Check out the free tutorials below or see the free hooping courses here to get you started

– Rocking playlist

Music helps your body and hoop find a beat and connect. Put together a playlist of your fav songs to keep you playful and ready to dance.


Now let’s break waist hooping down into easy steps:

– Stand with your feet either hip-width apart or one slightly in front of the other.

– Press the hoop into the small of your back, on a flat horizontal plane.

– Give the hoop a flat but firm push with your hands in the direction that intuitively feels best. The hoop should rotate around your body several times even if you make no movement with your body.

– As soon as you spin your hoop ignite a rhythmic pulse in your middle torso, pushing back and forth if one foot is in front of the other or side to side if the feet are parallel.

– If at first you don’t succeed…you know what they say. Pick you hoop up, press it against the small of the back, give it a firm and flat push in one direction and ignite a body pulse instantly to stop the hoop from falling down.

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Things to remember…

– where ever the hoop is on your body, that is the part of your body that needs to be pulsing. If there is too much movement below the hoop in your hips and knees the hoop will be drawn down.

– it can take time to build your hoop stamina, you may find your hoop automatically slows down after a few rotations. You can amp up the hoops speed by intensifying your torso pulse and it’s speed.

Free hoop courses for you here

I am going to add some beginner hoop dance tutorials below. Remember to hoop just as much as you watch, practice and play helps!

And always, always have fun. Hooping is a playful way to exercise and feel good, be patient with yourself, be confident that it will happen and have a blast!

Happy hooping!





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Note:  Hooping may look like a ton of fun but it is a super active exercise that will totally have your heart pumping and body grooving so make sure that you check in with your health practitioner if you have any concerns before starting this as a new exercise.