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Trick Restriction: How to access hoop flow

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What is Trick Restriction and how does it help me access flow?

Trick Restriction is a technique that I started to use in my hoop practice to allow my body to reveal it’s wisdom to me instead of letting my “thinking brain” run the show all of the time. I found that by choosing just one hand grip, one trick or one focus I could access deep states of flow and reduce the time spent thinking about “what comes next” or how to execute a trick or sequence of tricks.

Trick Restriction is a practice of release, a way to get out of a hoop rut or a moment to bring fresh movement into your hooping by taking a break from moving through trick after trick and allow your body the freedom to express new patterns of movement.

When we learn tricks we are programming patterns into our neuromuscular memory, this is epic and skillful a wonderful way to awaken body intelligence. When we engage in the practice of Trick Restriction for one song, 10 mins or a whole playlist then allow a natural wisdom to come through. We open up to non-habitual movement and reveal new, unprogrammed patterns.

Flow is focus and in Trick Restriction we focus on one grip, one trick or one archetype/pace/emotion.

Trick Restiction Playlist

Isn’t the whole idea of hooping to gather as many tricks as you can? Why would I want to restrict them?

Tricks are incredible, exciting, challenging and expansive. They are just one part of the art of hooping. There are many other layers to freedom with a hoop; including technique, somatic release, transitions, creativity, personal expression, pace and posture.

A huge misconception is that you need to know a lot of tricks before you can access a state of flow.

I strongly disagree. In fact many hoopers report feeling deep flow states from the very beginning of their time with a hoop; simply waist hooping.

Flow is synonymous with focus and release so whether you have developed a wide array of tricks or you have only learned one or two you still have the ability to access flow. I personally practice “trick restriction” by simply concentrating on one trick or one hand position I am able to free up all other pathways and release any blockages to a flow state.

I highly recommend it to any hoopers nudging up against the flow blocks of anxiety, apathy or boredom with their practice.

Recommedation: Try Trick Restriction 1 – 10 mins at the beginning of your hoop practice to warm up creative movement patterns, allow relaxation of thought, and as a freedom technique then take the sensations into your regular practice time.

Here is a playlist to help inspire you and below are some examples of Trick Restiction.


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You can also check out the #trickrestriction hashtag or check out my Trick Restriction series on Instagram but for full effect try it on in your own body, start a devotional practice to this very powerful technique and allow your natural wisdom to flow.


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