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30 Days in Flow: Daily Hoop Inspiration

You are invited to 30 days of hoop flow. Bring your self, your hoop, your curiosity. Learn a new Flow Session (hoop sequence) every day.


30 days of hoop f

Daily hoop tutorial, playlist and focus

You will receive a new Hoop Flow Session (sequence of tricks) tutorial everyday  to inspire your practice plus a playlist for your own playtime.

You can download the 30 Day In Flow calendar plus use the daily reflection prompts, movement prompts and playlist to support your practice.

30 days in flow is all about deepening your practice and connection. Plus you will learn 30 new sequences.

If you would prefer to follow along on YouTube you will find the daily videos here.

Each day I will share a new hoop sequence. I randomly selected the tricks for each sequence using the Flow Session Creator. You can use it too to create your own flow sessions.

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Flow Session Creator on YouTube