Hey hooper, Deanne Love here.
You want to hula hoop?

You want to feel stronger, healthier, fitter, more fabulous?
Let’s rock this! I am going to make this simple because you have a lot of playing to do.

You will need an adult size hoop. Not a kiddies one. Not a lumpy, oversized one. Find the right size hoop for you. Or you can DIY; here’s how.
Love binge watching YouTube tutorials? Me too! I have 100s for you here on the Hooplovers YouTube channel.They are helpful, the kind that make you get up and hoop.
Like a challenge? Try the 7-day waist hooping (for total beginner hoopers) the 14 Day Twin Hoop Challenge (for the hard core), the 30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge (for fitness fun) or the 21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge (for life changing freedom in your dance)
let’s hang out. @deannelovexo #hooplovers

Ok leaving you more links below that will help you to learn new hoop skills, try some hoop workouts and get some new inspiration for your hoop adventure. Have fun and stay in touch; can’t wait to see your transformation (and I am not just talking about all the changes you will notice on the outside…hooping changes everything)

Big hoop love,