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New Hoop Playlists for 2018

New Year Hula Hoop Playlists Hooplovers

My hoops werq better with music. How about yours?

Here a 8 new playlists for your next hoop practice, jam, lesson or party! Click on the play button for each playlist or the title to be taken to the free Spotify playlist.

Beauty and the Breaks

Created to put some beats to your breaks and paddles for those who are rocking my Beauty in the Breaks Workshop. 

hoop playlist

On Body Hoop Love

Rekindling my love with epically long On Body hoop sessions, I needed some beats to rock those Barrel Rolls, Breaks and Upper Body Hoop Love. This is the playlist to bring the energy needed!

hoop playlist

Organica 2.o

OK I can’t claim this one, I did not make it but ever since I discovered it on Spotify I have pretty much had it on repeat. 18 hours!! Organica is basically the smoothest playlist for ANYTHING in life, chilled enough but with just enough beats to keep life moving. Oh and if you are wondering where the original Organica is…here

spotify playlist

New Year New Me New Hoop Tunes

Making a fresh start with some funky dance beats to get your hoop groove on.

hoop playlist

Biggest Hoop Workout Lesson Playlist

The exact playlist we used for the tricks lessons at the Biggest Hoop Workout Event.

hoop playlist

Raise Your (Hoop) Vibes

Get yourself out of a hoop rut with these feel-good beats. Clear some space and get on your hoop dancefloor.

hooping playlist


Island Vibe Tribe beats

I made this playlist of tropical beats to keep me motivated to stick with my hoop practice while I was away on Nusa Lembongan Island doing a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

island vibe tribe

German Sparkle Party

This is the playlist I used for my German Hoop Convention workshop. Such good vibes, so many awesome memories.German Sparkle Party

p.s. I just counted and I have 92 playlists on my Spotify. And growing…yes I am obsessed. Follow along deannelove77

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