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Hula Hoop Goals

Got hoop goals? What are you working and playing hard to unlock?

Let’s tune in together in September and smash your hoop goals to open up to new freedom in your movement, play in your day and connection in your body.

Choose an experience that suits your hoop visions for this year.

7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge

This daily challenge is the ideal way to kick start September if you are new to waist hooping and you want to get solid foundations so you can play with strength and joy. Join me here.

21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge 

Are you dreaming of smooth and flowing shoulder hooping? Have you tried to shoulder hoop and dance but felt like you don’t quite have the timing, movement or rhythm it takes? Let’s unlock this together. I will guide you daily to smooth upper body hooping. Find all the details here and start with me and over 1000 other hoopers from September 1.

21 Day Flow Challenge 

One of my fav challenges. Find all the details here and join us from September 1.

What you get:

  • 21 hoop dance flow concept lessons (daily video lessons taught by Deanne Love)
  • 21 hoop dance flow sessions with break down and slow mo (daily video taught by Deanne Love)
  • Unlimited access so you can repeat any of the classes or flow sessions anytime you need
  • Access to the private 21 day hoop flow challenge group
  • Support from Deanne Love and Hooplovers around the globe
  • A chance to open up to new style, flow and freedom in your hoop
  • 21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge playlist to keep you flowing through your moves

21 Day Twin Flow Experience

Find balance in your practice, skill in your twin technique and freedom in your 2 hoop flow.

This experience will not only teach you twin hoop skills but it will give you access to hoop dance flow with two hoops. Learning tricks in isolation is powerful for strength and understanding, but flowing them through, sequencing them together and access twin hoop dance is a magical experience and ultimate balance. Join in from September 1. Click here for all the details.

Hoop Love Coach Training

Become a Hoop Love Coach. Change lives, including you own.

Take your dreams of becoming an inspiring, confident and skilled hoop teacher and turn them into a reality with my help, Hoop Love Coach Training and a supportive team of Hoop Love Coaches from around the world.

Whether you want to teach hoop dance for the love of it, for some extra income or to make it your career; Hoop Love Coach training gives you all the tools and support you need to grow your hoop community and prosper as an inspired and confident hoop dance instructor.

How can I support you to reach your hoop vision in 2017?


Hula Hoop Goals
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