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Top 10 Questions : Hoop Love Coach Training

July 2020 Hoop Love Coach training

​(You can ignore this email if Hoop Love Coach Training is not for you BUT you might find it interesting) 

Every time I open up the Hoop Love Coach Training (online) I get a bunch of amazing questions. Here they are, with the answers, just in case you were wondering the same. 


Q: Are the videos and content in the training the same as your YouTube videos and other courses? Can’t I just learn from those? 

A: Everything in the HLC training is made completely unique for the training, it is not shared anywhere else on YouTube or my other courses.

Before hooping I was a teacher for a decade in Australia and Japan, a dedicated movement practitioner and have been hooping and teaching for 13 years now. I have taken all of the wisdom and experience that I have gathered from teaching tens of thousands of people of varying abilities and styles (both online and offline) and crafted this training.

While some of the tricks included in the training may be found in other areas the ones specifically designed and filmed for HLC Training are coaching videos. These videos are unique to this course and include how to master the tricks/transitions/techniques plus how to teach them and facilitate optimal learning to support your students.


Q: How many tricks should I know before starting the training? I am not sure if I am good enough.

There are no prerequisites to begin this training. I will support you to improve as a hooper and a teacher. Whether you have just started or you have been hooping for some time you are going to expand your experience and expertise.

Module 2 is a huge video library of tricks and transitions with a checklist. There is no rush to complete them but you will be inspired to practice and play. Not only will you strengthen your own hooping but you will become more confident to teach these tricks and transitions to others.

Module 3 is called Sequences to Support Flow, it includes many flow sessions for improved flow and fitness. You can turn these into your own style or you can use them exactly as they are.

Every one who does the training says that their hooping skills definitely strengthen. Start where you are and with what you have now; with playtime you will see so much growth.


Q: What hoops do I need?

You can start with just one or two hoops. Choose an adult size hoop that feels right for on body and off body hooping. If you are still unsure about your hoop size I highly recommend getting in touch with a hoop maker and chatting hoop sizes (or you might like to experiment with making your own) You don’t need to rush out and purchase hoops or invest in anything else just yet.

In Module 1 (Setting Up for Success) we explore what it is that YOU would like to offer as a hoop teacher, this will help you to gain a better understanding of your unique offerings/classes/parties/workshops etc Once you have a clearer vision of your offering you may decide to invest in a class set of hoops. Some teachers invite students to purchase their own hoops, some make class stacks for themselves, others borrow hoops. There are many options.

There is a module in the training dedicated just to HOOPS! and hoop teacher bundle discounts from Hoopologie. This will also give you more information for decision making.

Q: Am I too old/weak/fearful/unskilled/unfit (insert any other negative description of self)  to do something like this?  I don’t think I am good enough, maybe I lack the confidence and I am not sure if I will succeed.

While it is valid to reflect on where you are at and be honest with yourself… NO! If you have a desire to move your body, connect with your authenticity, uncover new skills and accept that everything is a process of learning and growth then you have what it takes to be a brave, creative, focused and courageous hoop teacher.

There are hoop teachers of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, skill levels. You are never too old/weak/fearful/unfit to make the decision to embrace something that brings you joy, learning and growth, then pass that on to others.

You are supported, not just by me and the extensive training but also by all of the other hoopers/movers in your training and then hundreds of teachers around the world.


Q: Is there any assessment? 

As you move through the course I will be sending you weekly guidance, connecting with you in the group and the training platform will monitor your progress as you move through each module. There is no formal assessment but you can submit class plans and videos at the end of the training if you choose.

When I first began to offer Hoop Love Coach Training there was an assessment period, it required hoopers to submit a bio, class plan and video demonstrations. Many hoopers/movers would get to this part of the training and become overwhelmed by the video requirements (usually because of technology or equipment) and not complete their training. The assessment is now optional so that all hoopers/movers have a better chance of completing their training.

The training platform keeps track of progress through the modules and records your completion of each.


Q:  What happens after the training? Is there ongoing support?

The training remains open to you. You will have access to all of the materials to download or stream at anytime as you develop as a teacher/hooper. Once you have completed the training you will be invited to a Global Hoop Love Coach group. You can ask questions, get feedback and support at anytime. This is a super helpful resource as this group is a gathering of other hoop teachers with a huge range of experiences and inspiration.


Q: How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to this training?

This is initially a 12 week training (however most Hoop Love Coaches go back to the materials time and time again as they evolve as teachers…you have unlimited access to all of the materials) and you will receive guidance emails weekly plus group support to help you progress through the training. Most hoopers spend 4 – 12 hours per week practicing and playing with the course material. The beauty of this training is that you can tailor it to your own schedule and if you are short on time one week but can make extra space the next then you can always keep up with the materials.

There is a revision and reflection phase at the end to help you catch up if needed, although most hoopers use this time to go back over the materials, make creative plans and connect with other teachers.

Many hoopers worry that they won’t complete the training in the 12 weeks but the majority find their flow and groove through it at a motivating pace.


Q: Are there any other fees? What else do I need to spend? 

Hoop Love Coach Training is a one-time payment (unless you use the payment options and break up the course fee into more manageable payments) You don’t need to pay any annual fees, certifications fees or licensing fees, nothing else like that.

Depending on what you choose to offer as a hoop teacher you will need to invest in teacher insurance (easy and generally affordable in most parts of the world), working with children check or police check (if required) and possibly a First Aid certification or similar (if required)

Some other costs may include class stack of hoops, studio hire, active wear; however each teacher has a unique offering (we explore your special sauce and what you would like to uniquely offer in Module 1)


Q: Do I get a certificate?

Yes there is a certificate of completion. But please do not do this training for a piece of paper. I have taught at hundreds of studios, retreats, schools, festivals, universities, gyms, family days, online platforms, corporations, studios, churches, parties, workshops spaces and never once have they asked me to show any of my qualifications…what they have asked for is my passion, enthusiasm, teaching techniques, fabulous facilitation and ability to bring joy, energy and learning to their event. All of these things are what you and I are going to be working on side by side to grow during this training.

Do this training for community, for yourself, for connection, growth and inspiration not because it is a certification. Do this training becasue you want to become the most confident, creative and skilled teacher you can be.


Q: What if I don’t complete it in 12 weeks?

We will remain connected throughout the training, if you feel that you need extra time or support you can reach out to me at any point. The majority of hoopers easily complete this in 12 weeks and those who need extra time negotiate a new completion date with ease. The training remains open to you and you can access it at anytime.

Excited to create with you!