15 Hoop Moves Your Body Will Thank You For

Hoop goals! Yeah. Watch this hoopspiration vid we made you when we were hanging at the beach. Then keep reading for the most packed list of hoop love ever! Note that the title did NOT say 15 easy hoop moves. These are gonna make you work it but I chose these 15 moves because working … Keep reading

Twin Hooping Drill – Strengthen Your Coordination, Open Your Mind

Twin Hoop Drill Hooplovers

Brains and bodies are divine things, open to being changed and healed in positive ways. Incorporating simple and fun drills into your hoop playtime will most definitely help you to improve your skills, strengthen your muscles and unlock new patterns in your brain that level up your coordination and balance. This week I am sharing … Keep reading

Twin Hooping : Fun or Frustrating?

Twin Hoops Extension Twisters

Sure they look magical and oh so tricky but when you pick up your own twin hoops you wonder why you are not feeling the flow like that incredible hooper you watched for 15 seconds on instagram. I get it! I still remember my early learning process with a set of heavy twins. I would … Keep reading

Two Hoops – Twice the Fun

Twin Iso Orbit

Recently I have been reconnected with the empowering feeling of learning new movement with twin hoops. I have always had a passion for twins as I find them so challenging and the coordination does not come naturally. If there is one thing I love more than playing with twin hoops myself it is teaching double … Keep reading

Why Using Two Hula Hoops at Once is Good for Your Brain

Hooping is good for your brain

It was once believed that the brain was a static mass that hung out in our skulls; if you were lucky enough to be born “brainy” then challenges would be few. Thanks to the brainiacs of the world cracking open that theory we now know that our brain has plasticity, like the childhood favourite play … Keep reading