5 Minute Hoop Workouts | Hoop Dance Workouts

5 Minute Hoop Workouts How to Hula Hoop for Beginners

Only got a couple of minutes? Grab your hoop. That is no excuse to miss moving your body today! Try these 5-minute hoop workouts. Keep scrolling for video workouts or pin these to your Pinterest and print later. But for now it is time to HOOP! 5 Minute Hoop Workout for Strong Arms & Back … Keep reading

Have Fun While You Workout : Learn to Hula Hoop

5 Ways to Hula Hoop Hula Hoop Trciks

With an adult size hoop, play time and some great tips you can create a workout that is going to have you feeling super fit while having fun. Yes, on body hooping is the most playful way to improve your posture, tone your tummy, lift your mood and make you feel like a circus star! … Keep reading

15 Hoop Moves Your Body Will Thank You For

Hoop goals! Yeah. Watch this hoopspiration vid we made you when we were hanging at the beach. Then keep reading for the most packed list of hoop love ever! Note that the title did NOT say 15 easy hoop moves. These are gonna make you work it but I chose these 15 moves because working … Keep reading

Leg Hooping – Kick Out Step Through

Leg Hooping Tutorial Kick Out Step Through

Let’s amp things up a little higher this week, you are ready for it. Give this Kick Out Step Through a go! I know you won’t shy away from a fun challenge like this one. And when you master this you will definitely want to show it off. Share it with some friends or show … Keep reading

The Foot Flick Move – A Hooper’s Friend

Foot Flick Hooping

A few weeks ago we looked at what to do when you drop your hoop from knee hooping – Ankle Breaks. Just because your hoop falls to the floor doesn’t mean you have to stop your hoop dance flow. This week check out the ultimate trick to keep your hoop moving even when you drop it. … Keep reading