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5 Minute Hoop Workouts | Hoop Dance Workouts

5 Minute Hoop Workouts How to Hula Hoop for Beginners

Only got a couple of minutes? Grab your hoop. That is no excuse to miss moving your body today!

Try these 5-minute hoop workouts.

Keep scrolling for video workouts or pin these to your Pinterest and print later. But for now it is time to HOOP!

Hooplovers 5 Minute Hoop Workout

5 Minute Hoop Workout for Strong Arms & Back

  • 1 minute Horizontal Spin
  • 1 minute Passing
  • 1 Minute Horizontal Breaks
  • 1 Minute Whirlpool Breaks
  • 1 Minute Propeller
  • Or give these workouts a spin

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15 Hoop Dance Moves Free Hula Hoop Classes


Hooplovers 5 Minute On body Workout

  • 1 Minute Waist hooping
  • 1 Minute Hip Hooping
  • 1 Minute Chest Hooping
  • 1 Minute Shoulder Hooping (tutorials below)
  • 1 Minute Leg Hooping (tutorials below)


Need some help with your shoulder hooping?

Need some help with knee hooping?

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