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Two Hoops – Twice the Fun

Recently I have been reconnected with the empowering feeling of learning new movement with twin hoops. I have always had a passion for twins as I find them so challenging and the coordination does not come naturally.

If there is one thing I love more than playing with twin hoops myself it is teaching double hoop moves and seeing the process of learning in others.

It usually goes something like this: “oh no too hard” > “ow I might give it a try” > “woah this feels good, it looks great, but I am really just trying to work it all out” > “argh I might just give up” > “oh wait there is a pattern and movement that feels good and expansive” > “yes I think I am getting it, I want more!!” HA!

Not to mention how powerful twin hooping is for your brain, the feeling of success once you do crack the code is exhilarating.

By patiently, repetitively and meditatively introducing new patterns and drawing new shapes with twin hoops we are retraining and growing the plastic that is our brain.

So here is a fun twin puzzle for you to play with. The Twin Iso Orbit. Open your mind 😉

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