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7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge : Starts April 1

7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge : Starts April 1

Join the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge : Learn how to hula hoop for fun, fitness & creativity : It’s free

Are you looking for the most fun way to feel strong, confident and fit?

Have you tried to hula hoop and failed?

Do you need a little more excitement in your life, ready for something new? Perfect! Let’s get you hooping!


In this free 7 day lesson I will guide you to get stronger and more confident inside a hoop. In 7 days you will be waist hooping and ready for all of the other tricks and workouts you can do with a hoop.

You will get daily emails, video lessons and updates from me so be sure to check your inbox once you sign up.

You will also be invited to join me and all of the other hoopers taking this challenge in a private group so you can ask questions and get feedback.

In this challenge I will show you how to get the right size adult hoop or make one yourself.

Join before April 1 to enter into the draw to WIN 1 of 7 Hooplovers Hoops

Day 7 – Birthday Hoop Jam Workout – 7 Day Hoop Challenge

Day 7 – Birthday Hoop Jam Workout – 7 Day Hoop Challenge

I am so excited to celebrate with you on my 37th birthday. This last year has been such an incredible adventure and it has been made extra special by spinning around with you. Whether we have connected in classes, workshops, hoop gatherings or online I really want to thank you with all of my heart for making life so magical. Feeling extra blessed that we get to play and interact everyday. I couldn’t wish to be surrounded by a more supportive and inspiring community. Thank you.

Now let’s JAM!

Today is Day 7 of our 7 day hoop workout challenge and we are going to PLAY! Let’s get a little loose; call up your inner child and introduce them to your inner rock star. It is ON!

Have you enjoyed this 7 Day challenge? What did you like about it? How has it helped your hooping? I really love your feedback, super appreciate it!

Get your groove on!


Day 6 – Hoop Workout | Twin Mix Up

Day 6 – Hoop Workout | Twin Mix Up

Day 6 is just mega mix of radness.

I promise you if the other days have not worked you out today will. And if you find this tricky then just know that within a few days (maybe weeks) of practicing this you are going to be stronger and more confident in your hoop than ever before.

I love twins but they take power and precision. I designed today’s workout to really activate both of those elements for you so that you can totally rock your twins out! If you don’t have two hoops just do this workout twice, once on the left and once on the right.

Today’s twin mix up includes…

  1. Double Mohawk
  2. Waist Pulse with Press Up
  3. Waist Pulse with Swirl
  4. Waist Pulse with Right/Left Swing
  5. Waist Pulse with Overhead Propellor
  6. Two Hoop Waist Thrust
  7. Wings

Don’t forget to check out the previous hula hoop workouts.

See the full 7 day workout and follow along with the videos.


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Day 5 – Hoop Aerobics – 7 Day Hoop Workout

Day 5 – Hoop Aerobics – 7 Day Hoop Workout

Alright hooper I need you to run to your wardrobe and grab everything fluro, put it on grab your hoop and then you are officially ready for hoop aerobics.

Today’s workout might be a kitschy concoction but it is also an incredible training session if you want to have freedom and flow inside your hoop as a hoop dancer.

We are keeping the hoop on our body for the whole 7 minutes so grab a hoop that you like to spin on your torso.

Today’s hoop aerobics workout…

  1. Torso Twist
  2. Elbow to Knee Crossover
  3. Stop and Pose
  4. Marching
  5. Cha Cha (break and reverse)
  6. Toe Tap
  7. Grapevine

Work it!


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