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hoop community is dead

The hoop community is dead

(if you prefer to listen to me read this post then click the play button above…it gets long so I highly recommend it)   Last week I saw an online discussion that suggested the hoop community is dead. I am sorry to hear that some hoopers feel this way but I smiled knowing they are

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New Year Hula Hoop Playlists Hooplovers
Beginners & Beyond

Hoop Playlists for Your Inspiration

My hoops work better with music. How about yours? Here some fresh playlists for your next hoop practice, jam, lesson or party! “Hey Hoopers” – the ultimate Spotify playlist exclusively for hula hoopers and flow artists. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your hoop journey, this carefully crafted collection of tracks is here

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Ny Hula Hoop Story Hooping Saved my life
My Hoop Story

My hoop story: Hooping saved me from injury and the 9-5 grind :

Ariel (Regal Mermaid) discovered hooping in 2014 at a festival with friends but hooping became her real sweet spot after a serious foot injury. Read Ariel’s hoop story. How has hooping helped/healed/changed you? Hooping has helped me find my inner balance. It’s given me a reason to keep dancing which ultimately keeps me happy. It’s

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LED smart hoop LED Hula Hoop Buying Guide by Deanne Love
Arm Hooping

Buying an LED hoop? 5 things you need to consider

What LED hoop should I buy? I really want to answer this question but it is a little tricky because the LED hoop that you might love is going to be different to the LED hoop that I would buy. Here are five tips that are totally going to help you out when you decide

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5 Minute Hoop Workouts How to Hula Hoop for Beginners
Arm Hooping

5 Minute Hoop Workouts | Hoop Dance Workouts

Only got a couple of minutes? Grab your hoop. That is no excuse to miss moving your body today! Try these 5-minute hoop workouts. Keep scrolling for video workouts or pin these to your Pinterest and print later. But for now it is time to HOOP! 5 Minute Hoop Workout for Strong Arms & Back

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