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How a Hula Hoop Changed My Life

Yesterday on the Hooplovers Facebook Page I asked,  “How has hooping changed your body?”   I expected answers like “I lost … pounds” or “I feel stronger” But the responses were much more powerful and heart felt.   Hoopers from all over the world were sharing stories of complete transformation. Many talked about overcoming pain;

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Beginner Guide How to Make Hula Hoop
Beginners & Beyond

Beginners Guide to Hoop Making

Guest blog post by Tamsin Marley of One Stop Hoop Shop UK The chances are, when you fall in love with hooping you become a hoop maker to one extent or another.  I started making hoops pretty soon after I found hooping. To begin with, my family and friends all got a hoop for Christmas, whether

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Getting Dizzy with Hula Hoops
Chest Hooping

Are you getting dizzy? Hoop Spinning and Spotting

A guest blog post by Jess Sweeney of DanceSwirl @danceswirl People always ask me the same few questions in my hoop classes. “What did you just do?!” “Aren’t you dizzy?” “How do I spin like that?” While hooping, I LOVE adding lots of spins into my dance flow. Turning and twirling adds so much dimension

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Hula Hoop Goals
7 day challenge

Smash your hoop goals this September

Got hoop goals? What are you working and playing hard to unlock? Let’s tune in together in September and smash your hoop goals to open up to new freedom in your movement, play in your day and connection in your body. Choose an experience that suits your hoop visions for this year. 7 Day Waist

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Hula Hoop Playlist by Deanne Love HOOPLOVERS
Daily Hoop Love

Raise Your Hoop Vibes : New Hooping Playlist

With movement as our medicine and our hoop as our instrument of healing let’s HOOP! Try these two new playlists to get you grooving. Follow me on Spotify for more playlists Ecstatic Soul Flow   DJ Saved My Life    The Raise Your Hoop Vibes is a high energy celebration of life and beats. Press play

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how to find hoop dance flow
Beginners & Beyond

11 Tips to Help You Access Your Hoop Dance Flow

How do I find my hoop dance flow? A question that is often followed by … how long did it take you to find your hoop dance flow? What tricks really helped you to find your flow? These are common feelings and valid questions but they really shine a light on some of the biggest

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