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Buying an LED hoop? 5 things you need to consider

LED smart hoop LED Hula Hoop Buying Guide by Deanne Love

What LED hoop should I buy?

I really want to answer this question but it is a little tricky because the LED hoop that you might love is going to be different to the LED hoop that I would buy. Here are five tips that are totally going to help you out when you decide to buy an LED hoop.

1. Customer service

Tip number one is to check out the customer service and the track record of the company that you’re going to buy from. Yes, an LED hoop is quite a financial investment so you want to make sure that your money is going to the right place. Now, to do your research, you might go on to some hoop groups or you might reach out to some other hoopers or friends and ask them where they got their LED hoop from.

One of the most important things for me personally is to know that if anything goes wrong with my hoop, that I can send it back. Now, living in Australia and shipping the hoop back and forth to the U.S. or somewhere else does get quite expensive so you want to take into consideration what the company’s policies are on returns and shipping and warranty as well.

The LED hoops that I am using right now and I absolutely love are Moodhoops and one of the awesome, awesome things that I love about them is that their shipping was really fast and their customer service is so on point. I didn’t have to wait a long time to get any emails back or I didn’t have to be waiting worrying what was going on with my hoops and my shipping or anything. They are always there to reply and that to me is really, really important because I feel like if I’m investing a lot of money in my LED hoops and because I do live far away, I want to know what’s going on and plus you get so excited. When you buy something online, you want to know when it’s going to be on your doorstep so you don’t have to be camping out overnight. Customer service is really important and I do love Moodhoops.

2. Size & weight

My second tip is to understand the right size hoop for you, the material that you like your hoop to be made out of, and also the weight and size. Now, I remember the first LED hoop that I ever bought. I was living in Tokyo and I bought it from Super Hooper and there weren’t that many LED hoops around at that time and I needed it for a performance. I saw it online and I was totally in love. I just ordered anything that I thought would be right. When it got to me, the size was not right and that is totally my fault because I didn’t really check into and research what the materials were. At that time, I only had one other hoop so I didn’t really know kind of the plastics or the materials, so definitely do your research.

Now, I do know that most LED companies or most hoop companies will give you lots of information now on their website. I know definitely does and it actually gives you a comparison because there are so many different hoop materials. A thing that you might want to think about is the size of your hoop or the size of your LED hoop and whether or not you want that to be the same size as the regular hoops that you’re rocking. Perhaps if you’re buying your LED hoop for performance, you really want to make sure that it’s going to be the right weight, remembering that these guys are filled with lights and batteries so that may add to the weight. My recommendation is if you’re not quite sure, before you invest, then definitely get in touch with the company that is selling the LED hoop that you love.

3. Battery or charger?

My third tip is to understand how your LED hoop is powered. How are you going to keep it lit up because all LED hoops are different a little different? Some come with batteries, rechargeable batteries. Some come with a charger that you can charge like an iPhone or something like that. Others come with batteries that you need to replace yourself, so it’s really important that you think about what you are going to be needing at your LED hoop for and how long you want it to last.

Most LED manufacturers will have more than one style of LED in their range and their battery life might differ so definitely look into that. The FutureHoop that I’m using right now, I totally love because … Let me see. Have I got it here? Yeah. Move it. They come with extra batteries that I can charge up and so if I’m doing a show or if I’m at a festival or I’m just practising  at home, then I can have these extra batteries charged up and then when I’m using the other batteries, these ones just take one battery, I can be charging these others. That is pretty good for me but some people prefer something that they can charge in their car or something that they can charge overnight. It’s totally up to you. The cool thing about this one battery is that I can just lock this in and then my hoop is ready to go. I hope that you can see this under these lights but I’ll show you some other footage of how this thing really works.

4. What will you use it for?

Tip number four is to think about why you actually want an LED hoop. I mean, I know that they’re amazing and they look gorgeous but they are an investment and depending on why you actually want this LED hoop, well, that is going to help you to decide how much you want to invest in your LEDs. For me, the FutureHoops are a no-brainer and it doesn’t really matter how much they cost because I want to perform with them, I want to use them in my video shoots, and so I want something that’s really versatile and is what is considered a smart hoop. I can use a remote control to change the modes and it has really cool motives and for me, it’s also a business expense but if you are just buying your hoop because you want to play with it, then you might think of investing in a cheaper LED hoop, maybe just like a classic LED or a rainbow LED hoop that doesn’t have all of their remotes and flashing, changing different modes.

Now, I do know that some of the hoop makers are actually coming out with some incredible, amazing new toys where you can actually programme your own visuals in. I know that Moodhoops actually have a FutureHoop designer where you can add your own like really cool graphics, which is so, so amazing. Now, if you are a performer, then of course, that is going to add value to your production and your performances. I would definitely recommend a smart hoop that is a hoop that has multiple modes and many different colours and they’re interchangeable if you are performing because let’s say you get a gig and your client wants a white Christmas gig. You would want your LEDs to also glow white.

Now, if you just bought the rainbows, then you’re going to have to reinvest in a whole new set of LED hoops and white LED hoops, whereas if you have a smart hoop that you can change the colours to match your costume or to match your clients’ needs, then you really are just investing in one set of hoops. While it might seem like it is a financial challenge in the beginning, in the long run, a smart hoop is a really cool investment if you are going to be performing and you are going to be doing corporate gigs or working with different clients. Think about why it is that you want to get an LED hoop, what you’re going to use it for, and that will help you to decide how much you want to invest and which hoop you are going to buy.

5. Durabilty

The fifth thing that I would say to consider when you are going to buy an LED hoop is its durability. You want something that is coming from a manufacturer that obviously has a great reputation and the LED hoops are sturdy. It might be tempting to see cheap LED hoops online maybe from overseas or from a non-hooping company and want to buy those but generally speaking, although I haven’t bought any of those and I haven’t tested them out, I am probably guessing that the durability, maybe their warranty and potentially their customer service is not as incredible as a company that does invest a lot of time and energy into creating LED hoops for hoopers. Again, that kind of goes back to number one, doesn’t it, but check in to the customer service, the warranty, the reputation of your LED company and then, also the durability of your hoop.

Have you already bought an LED hoop? Maybe you made some of the mistakes that I made in the beginning. Let me know in the comments below and also, what top tips would you give to somebody who is thinking of buying an LED hoop but they’re just not quite sure what to look out for? I hope the five tips helped you. Let me know. If you do buy a sparkly amazing gorgeous hoop, let me know where you get it from and how it goes for you. Definitely tag me on Instagram. If you’re rocking out your LEDs, there’s some incredible photos and video footage going on over there.

LED smart hoop LED Hula Hoop Buying Guide by Deanne Love
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