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Hula Hoop Playlist by Deanne Love HOOPLOVERS
Daily Hoop Love

Raise Your Hoop Vibes : New Hooping Playlist

With movement as our medicine and our hoop as our instrument of healing let’s HOOP! Try these two new playlists to get you grooving. Follow me on Spotify for more playlists Ecstatic Soul Flow   DJ Saved My Life    The Raise Your Hoop Vibes is a high energy celebration of life and beats. Press play

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how to find hoop dance flow
Beginners & Beyond

11 Tips to Help You Access Your Hoop Dance Flow

How do I find my hoop dance flow? A question that is often followed by … how long did it take you to find your hoop dance flow? What tricks really helped you to find your flow? These are common feelings and valid questions but they really shine a light on some of the biggest

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Beginners & Beyond

Does hula hooping really make you fit?

See the results of the hula hoop test I did. And try your own hoop workout test. I don’t know about you, but when I dance, hoop and workout, I do it because I want to feel good. There are many different ways to test if we feel good. Obviously you know when you move

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Weighted Hoop vs Dance Hoop

Do I really need a weighted hoop?

Weighted hoops. Are they more effective than dance hoops? Do they burn more calories? Do you need a weighted hoop? To answer these questions I had to do a test. The results were interesting and I made a video for you. First of all, let’s define what a Weighted Hoop really is. A hoop that

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Hooplovers 2017 Year of Giving
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2017 : The Year of Giving

Some major life events have given me the gift of reflecting on the important things in life. I have been contemplating what the future holds. The fact is that I don’t know; none of us truly do so let’s make the best of every moment. I do know that I am happiest when I am

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