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15 Flow Session with Tutorials to Help You Access Flow & Freedom

hooping flow tutorials

Trying these hoop dance sequences is a powerful way to blend your hoop tricks together and access your own style and flow while hooping.

Hooping is not only a cardio dance workout, it is a focussed meditation, a way to reduce stress and anxiety, a way to express freedom and creativity and also a healing modality for many.

Over the years I have shared hundreds of free tutorials on the Hooplovers Youtube channel and in this post I have selected some of the most fun and popular Flow Session. I break them down for you then we can hoop them through together. Grab your hoop.

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There are a whole range of moves and tricks in each of these flow sessions. If you are new to hooping try some of these out but don’t be discouraged if they don’t work for you the first time. Flow is all about enjoying the process.


  1. Too Funky Flow Session : This was a spontaneous flow that I originally posted on my Instagram @deannelovexo but then transformed it into a full tutorial for you.

2. Elbow Throw Flow Session : This flow session is filled with fun transitions and my fav throw.


3. 360 Step Through : This tutorial was shot in Berlin and part of the Taking Up Space series that I taught at the German Hoop Convention. It is all about making new moves and grooving through space with your hoop.

4. Prayer Hand Mandala Flow : This is a heart opening flow that focuses on the Prayer Hand Mandala and it’s beautiful way of expanding movement through your whole body.

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5. Smear Flow Session : This simple flow session makes use of the Smear variations and is a great way to build connection with your hoop and unlock shoulder mobility

6. Bali Flow Session : This flow session was inspired by time in Bali. It is a beautiful flow of escalators, barrel rolls and balanced coordination. I think you will love this one!

7. Lots of Elbows : Behind the Back Flow Session : The Flow Session is a mega sequence of  elbow breaks, hooks and a lot of awesome behind the back moves. I created this a few years ago but if it is still one of my favs.

8. Vertical Hooping : Pop & Hinge : This pop in move is super fun so let’s try it in a flow session

9. Beginners Off & On Flow Session : Moving your hoop on and off your body is one of the first break throughs many hoops have when accessing trick flow. Such freedom

10. Lean On : Full Song Choreography : In this tutorial series we break down how to flow hoop moves together for a full song

11. Elbow Escalator Flow Session : This is a mini flow session that will help you blend together the escalator move with some fun transitions

12. A natural hoop dance flow : This flow session naturally came out when my friend Ngaire wanted to record me hooping in front of some street art. I break down a natural flow session for you

13. 360 Flow Session : Get unstuck. If you feel like you are always standing in the one spot or facing the same direction, this flow session is for you. Turning 360.

14. Smooth Transitions : Another one from the Taking Up Space series. Some funky transitions in this one that I know you are going to love

15. 3 Isolations: This flow session blends together three types of isolations. If you have been working on isolations then it is time to flow them together to access the freedom you start to feel when you play with the pace and move through from one to the next.

There you have 15 Flow Sessions to play with. If you still want more I recommend 3 things:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here because I update new tutorials every week
  2. Join the 21 Day Flow Challenge here
  3. Check out the whole Flow Session Playlist here

Hope you enjoyed these flow sessions and they helped you to unlock new flow and movement with your hoop. What was your fav one?

Have you shared any of these in your own style on your Instagram or Facebook? Leave us a link below so we can be your biggest cheer leaders!



hooping flow tutorials
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