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5 Steps to Waist Hooping Guide by Deanne Love Hooplovers
Beginners & Beyond

5 Steps to Waist Hooping (New Guide)

New to hooping? Need some tips to keep the hoop spinning on your waist? Here are 5 tips that are going to help you have the most fun with your waist hooping and prepare you for even more playful tricks and dance with your hoop. 1, The right size hoop Before starting any hooping adventure,

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12 Warm up Guide using Hula Hoops By Deanne Love Hooplovers

12 Warm Up Ideas Before Hooping (Hoop Stretch Guide)

Warming up before you start hooping is essential to get your body and mind ready. It is also super important if you have injuries or pain in your body. Warm up stretches and other moves also help to keep your body mobile and flexible, giving you more freedom and range of movement in all activities.

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30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge
Beginners & Beyond

30 Day Hoop Love Your Body Challenge: Start Now

What would happen, what could happen if we hooped every day for 30 days? So much magic! Are you in need of a boost? I know I am. Let’s do it together. You can take it at your own pace. The (free) 30 Day Hoop Love Your Body Challenge starts now. Grab your free 30

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Body Positivity : Shake your hoop thang!

When I first saw this video I made to show off @suzystiedanddyed magical bodysuit, I looked at my thighs wobbling and my booty bouncing and I thought, “ew, delete!” 😫 A post shared by Deanne Love (@deannelovexo) on Apr 10, 2018 at 5:10am PDT But then I thought. Is it worth it? Let me work

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