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What to do with your hands while hooping

Hula hoop ideas Using Hands

Hands getting in the way while you are waist hooping? Not sure what to do with them?

Some hoopers refer to the limp hand look while hooping as T-rexing or chicken wings.

Let’s come up with some creative ways to move our hands, arms and fingers while hooping for a more expressive, full body experience.


Our hands are conduits for so much energy, sensation, creativity. But they sometimes get left out of our movement explorations.

Try these pathways with your hands the next time you are moving or hooping.

+ caress, touch, connect

+ receive, open, accept

+ give, offer, share

+ trace, circle, spiral

+ follow, chase, explore

Spend some time this week witnessing your hands, watching how they move and explore naturally and creatively. Their strength, articulation, softness and uniqueness.

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Ok now let’s try these ideas with a hoop.


Ideas for using your hands/arms while on-body hooping

+ caress, connect, circle, spiral, offer, receive

+ create shapes, play with tempo, alternate directions, play with position

+ contract & tighten, release & loosen, stretch, flex, undulate

+ Use imagery >> waves, flight, energy, branches

+ Move as…freedom, joy, grief, relaxation, anger, passion, innocence

Also highly recommend keeping a hoop journal, writing (another creative way to use your hands) down feelings, ideas and messages that come through as you create new pathways with your fingers, hands, arms and mind.

Bringing awareness to the shapes and expression you make with your hands ignites embodiment. A conscious connection with your movement takes you out of auto- pilot and into mindful practice. This has the benefits of regulating your nervous system, soothing racing thoughts, activating new brain pathways.

Playing mindfully with hand expressions while on body hooping is a powerful pathway to a flow state, bringing your brain in meditative waves allowing it to flush with focus, creativity and healing. Yes!


Playtime 🌈 Try this creative imagery to bring balance, expression and fluidity to your off body moves. Call in all parts of you to your hoop expression.

+ Use both hands while off-body hooping

+ Imagine you have a magnet on the palm of each hand

+ 1. Move as if the magnets are attracted to each other

+ 2. Move as if the magnets are repelled from each other

+ 3. Move as if the magnets are attracted to and repelled by your hoop

+ 4. Play with a combination of these images

We can become so focussed on executing tricks that we forget to invite the rest of our body to the party. Amplify your coo-ordination and fire up those neurological pathways.

If your other hand or arm gets lost, forgotten, left out of the equation…give this creative play a go ☀️


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