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Benefit of Hula Hoop. Why you want to start hula hooping
Beginners & Beyond

Courage : The benefits of hooping

Courage. Showing up, moving in the direction of your desires even when the hurdles seem insurmountable. I Skyped with a hooper who struggled so fiercely with social anxiety that she couldn’t attend hoop workshops/retreats. She bought the tickets, made the plans, had the vision. When it came time to leave for the events her anxiety

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The Dangers of Hooping
Arm Hooping

The dangers of hooping : A true story

Hooping might seem like all fun and games…until someone loses their dignity. One time at a festival I chest and shoulder hooped for so long in the dust that the grip tape on my hoop completely shredded my armpits. I got the craziest, most painful infection. I couldn’t put my arms down. I had to

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hoop community is dead

The hoop community is dead

(if you prefer to listen to me read this post then click the play button above…it gets long so I highly recommend it)   Last week I saw an online discussion that suggested the hoop community is dead. I am sorry to hear that some hoopers feel this way but I smiled knowing they are

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New Year Hula Hoop Playlists Hooplovers
Beginners & Beyond

New Hoop Playlists for 2018

My hoops werq better with music. How about yours? Here a 8 new playlists for your next hoop practice, jam, lesson or party! Click on the play button for each playlist or the title to be taken to the free Spotify playlist. Beauty and the Breaks Created to put some beats to your breaks and

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Ny Hula Hoop Story Hooping Saved my life
My Hoop Story

My hoop story: Hooping saved me from injury and the 9-5 grind :

Ariel (Regal Mermaid) discovered hooping in 2014 at a festival with friends but hooping became her real sweet spot after a serious foot injury. Read Ariel’s hoop story. How has hooping helped/healed/changed you? Hooping has helped me find my inner balance. It’s given me a reason to keep dancing which ultimately keeps me happy. It’s

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