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Learn to Hoop from YouTube Tutorials

Learn how to hula hoop from YouTube. Free Hula hoop tutorials from Deanne Love.

Can you really learn to hula hoop from YouTube? Absolutely!

While I would totally recommend trying the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge and 10 Tricks for Beginners (free and easy to navigate courses I made for you) you can absolutely start learning the basics of hooping and well beyond.

There are hundreds of hoop tutorials for all levels on the Hooplovers YouTube channel so it can seem a little overwhelming.

Here is a guide to help you navigate all of the tutorials on the Hooplovers YouTube.

From total beginner to advanced.

Learn hula hoop tricks, transitions, technique and hoop dance flow sessions (choreography)


Beginner Trick Tutorials

Just starting out? Try some beginner tricks to get you going.

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST>> Beginners Playlist on YouTube




Beginner Sequences/ Choreography

Ready to try putting some hoop tricks together? This is when we use transitions to flow from one trick to the next.

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST>> Try these beginner combinations



Off Body Tricks for Beginners & Beyond

Off-Body tricks are when you are doing hoop moves on your arm, hand, elbow. There are a huge variety of off-body tricks.

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST >> Off Body Tricks (including over 50 tutorials)




Hula Hoop Workouts

Want to improve your skills while getting fit and strong? Yes! Try some of these hula hoop workouts.

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST >> Hula Hoop Workouts




Hoop Sequences for All Levels

Flow sessions or hoop sequences are when you put hoop tricks together in a pattern to create a dance or choreography. There are unlimited combinations. Here are some YouTube playlists filled with a wide variety of hoop sequences for you to practice and play with.





These are great places to start on YouTube. You can subscribe to the Hooplovers YouTube Channel here.

If you want to go in-depth with your hoop learning you can check out the courses on

Here is a course guide to help you get started.