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Start hooping : Top 5 Tips for Hoopers to Get Started

Start hooping as a total beginner hula hooper

Curious about hula hooping? Here are the top 5 tips for total beginner hoopers to help you get started.

If you are thinking about getting a hula hoop as a  beautiful way to move your body or to learn some super cool hoop tricks, then you have come to the right place.

If you’re totally new to all of this hoop stuff, then I’m going to give you five things that you really need to know before you get started.


The right size hula hoop

The first thing that is super important is that all hoops are different sizes and if you are an adult then you need an adult size hoop. But don’t worry if you picked up a kid’s hoop from the dollar store, that’s totally fine everyone makes that mistake at first.

Check these blogs out to understand hoop sizes, hoop shops and hoop making.

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On Body Tricks & Off Body Tricks

There are thousands and thousands of hoop tricks that you can learn. They are usually on-body or off-body. That is, the hoop is spinning somewhere on your body or somewhere off your body.

To make it really easy for you, I’ve created a free course that is the 10 tricks that you should learn if you are a total beginner.

You can also check out the hundreds of hoop tutorials I have made for you on the Hooplovers YouTube channel; for all different levels and all different types of hooping, and then you can head over to and check out my courses there.


Hooping takes practice & play

The third thing to know is that waist hooping might look easy, but it can take some people a lot of practice. It takes everyone a while to get used to waist hooping.

I made a 7-day waist hooping challenge, and it’s free and it’s on

A lot of people think that it’s big circles or a lot of hip wobbling, but there are a few tips that you are going to need to know to get your waist hooping sorted. So check out the 7-day waist hooping challenge and you’ll be spinning that hoop in no time.


The hoop community is huge & global

There are hula hoop dance teachers and hoopers all over the world. There are probably some classes or some jams or some other hoopers right near you. So after you’ve checked out the tutorials and you’ve done some of my courses, you’re probably going to want to go to hoop classes. They are super fun, or hoop jams, where hoopers get together and share tricks and support each other. So head to You can see a directory of who coaches all over the world. I hope that there is one just near you.


Rock your own style

Finally, you should know that there are so many different hooping styles and you get to create your own energy and your own style inside of your hoop. After you’ve learned a few tricks, you might like to experiment with movement and dance, or you might go into circus or maybe bring in some of your own style to your hooping.

On my Instagram deannelovexo, I share a whole bunch of freestyle hoop movements, and I often link to other hoopers around the world so that you can get an idea of the many, many styles of hooping that there is.


But most importantly, above all else, you should know that hooping an incredible way to express yourself, move your body and feel free.

You will find freedom in your hoop, and even if you get frustrated or you find it really challenging to learn some tricks, don’t worry, you will totally get there. You are supported to learn and grow. Big hoop love from me to you.