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LED smart hoop LED Hula Hoop Buying Guide by Deanne Love
Arm Hooping

Buying an LED hoop? 5 things you need to consider

What LED hoop should I buy? I really want to answer this question but it is a little tricky because the LED hoop that you might love is going to be different to the LED hoop that I would buy. Here are five tips that are totally going to help you out when you decide

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5 Minute Hoop Workouts How to Hula Hoop for Beginners
Arm Hooping

5 Minute Hoop Workouts | Hoop Dance Workouts

Only got a couple of minutes? Grab your hoop. That is no excuse to miss moving your body today! Try these 5-minute hoop workouts. Keep scrolling for video workouts or pin these to your Pinterest and print later. But for now it is time to HOOP! 5 Minute Hoop Workout for Strong Arms & Back

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A Positive Rant About Hoop Flow + 5 Ways to Access It

I consider this video to be one of the more important videos that I have shared on my YouTube channel, so make sure that you get cosy and snuggle in, because we’re about to go deep on the subject of hoop dance flow. You might notice that the title of this video is not “how

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