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Body Positivity : Shake your hoop thang!

When I first saw this video I made to show off @suzystiedanddyed magical bodysuit, I looked at my thighs wobbling and my booty bouncing and I thought, “ew, delete!” 😫

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But then I thought. Is it worth it? Let me work it. Put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. (Hello Missy Elliot reference) .
F#@k that sh*t. My thighs jiggle cos they are happy to see each other. My butt bounces because it’s stoked to be dancing. I can hoop like a mutha effin badass and that is something to be proud of.
Ain’t no shame ladies, do your thing, just make sure you’re ahead of the game. Two Missy references in one caption. I’m on fire!
May my jiggly bits inspire you to rock your body and love it with every ounce of your shiny soul. May you walk with a spring in your step, a bounce in your butt and Missy Elliot lyrics in my head.