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Shoulder Hooping Tutorials : 10 ideas for your next shoulder hoop practice

Shoulder Hooping Tutorials and 10 Shoulder Hooping Practice Ideas

Lots of questions about making Shoulder Hooping more dynamic and bringing the dance in.

Here are 10 ideas to play with in your next practice session.
You can see examples in the vid below and scroll to the bottom for more Shoulder Hooping tutorials and tips. ✨

1. clapping hands at front and back while shoulder hooping to open up the connection in all parts of your upper body and enhance your mobility ✨

2. stalling hoop on chest by playing with the pace of your spin to improve your timing and connection with hoop ✨

3. scissor arms: one in, one out to improve your spatial awareness and maintain momentum no matter where your arms are ✨

4. alternating arms in and out bent at elbows to build rhythm and timing ✨

5. alternating hands to heartbeat to improve connection and timing ✨

6. arms in and out patterns for spatial awareness and building coordination ✨

7. two-hand pushing paddles to understand push techniques and touch patterns ✨

8. eagle wings outstretched arms to build new connection with often missed areas of the upper body, full body intelligence ✨

9. paddles above the hoop; chest hooping strength with a new element ✨

10. get messy wobbly rocking: arms, hands, feet and shoulders because it is fun and will help you access new freedom and teach you to catch the hoop, move with it and not just shoulder hoop in one repetitive style ✨

💘 And try all of these in both directions 💘

Also try my 21 Shoulder Hooping Challenge  21 days of hoop dance drills, activities and practices for smooth and playful upper body hooping. We build day by day a strong and consistent flow and freedom in your shoulder and chest hooping. You’ll be rocking it. ✨

I am using a 100cm HDPE hoop and this song is X with U by Luciana 🍓 Music helps! Here is a Shoulder Hooping Playlist for you

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