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Hooping changed my body after pregnancy. Now I teach others to hoop : A hoop story

after pregnancy workout

Hila Hoops started her hooping journey after a friend inspired her. She shares her story of how hooping changed her body and helped her posture after her pregnancy but gave her something even more important. Now she teaches hoop classes in Barcelona.

Read her hoop story.

What inspired you to pick up a hoop?

Definitely the beauty, grace and magic of this dance.

How has hooping helped/healed/changed you?

Right after my pregnancy hooping helped me (physically) to recover my shape, but most importantly helped me to relax in the most busy time of my life. It allowed me to take time for myself, time to be just me, not a mom, not anything else, just me, having fun, playing, freeing my mind and loving my body (which can be challenging after a pregnancy where you gain 25kg).

Since then my life has changed so much, step by step I’ve even become a Hoop Dance Coach (unbelievable for a person that never practiced any kind of physical activity before hooping) .

I’ll always be grateful to the friend that without knowing it introduced me to Hooping

What have been the most helpful benefits of hooping for you?

Hooping still helps me all the time to free my mind, feel more confident.

Physically it helped me a lot to improve my back posture that was really bad especially after the pregnancy.

Do you go to hoop classes or do you mostly learn from online tutorials and courses?

I took classes during the first 2 years and also watched tons of tutorials, in the last year just online courses by Deanne Love.

Hila is running a hoop retreat in Sardinia called WeHoop May 2018

Inspired by Hila Hoop’s story? Start hooping now. Create your own story of transformation. 

after pregnancy workout
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