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Hula hoop ideas Using Hands

What to do with your hands while hooping

Hands getting in the way while you are waist hooping? Not sure what to do with them? Some hoopers refer to the limp hand look while hooping as T-rexing or chicken wings. Let’s come up with some creative ways to move our hands, arms and fingers while hooping for a more expressive, full body experience.

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5 Steps Waist Hooping Guide
Beginners & Beyond

5 Steps to Waist Hooping (New Guide)

Grab your hoop. Here are 5 tips for having the most fun with your waist hooping and prepare you for even more playful tricks. Try the free 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge | Daily video lessons and support Or click here for your 28 Day Hooper’s Starter Pack 1. The right size hoop Before starting

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10 hoop playlists for your hoop practice
Daily Hoop Love

10 Fresh Playlists for Hoop Flow Sessions

Music is a magic ingredient for any flow session, workout or dance party. Here are 10 fresh playlists for you to use for your next workout session, dance party or hoop playtime.   Get Back Into It – a playful and pumping mix of upbeats tunes to get you up and moving. New Moon Moves

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hula hoop teacher tips
Beginners & Beyond

10 tips from 10 years of teaching hooping

Here are my top 10 tips from 10 years of as a hula hoop teacher both online and offline. It was really hard to choose just 10 lessons or tips that I have learned over 10 years of teaching hooping. grab your journal + switch off distractions + press play  I have been hooping since

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