Kick up a hula hoop from a floor.
Knee Hooping

Hula Hoop Kick Up – From Floor to Knees

In this video I will break down the Tik Tok Kick Up, a move I have evolved over time to help me execute the kick up. The gravity defying kick up can be the bane and pain of many hoopers lives. Getting your hoop to smoothly jump up from the floor to your knees is

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30 Ways to Add More Fun to Your Hula Hoop Practice

30 ways to spice up and gain more from your hula hoop practices. The most exciting time of any new challenge is that honeymoon phase, the beginning but as time passes and other commitments creep in it can be difficult to stay focused, you can loose interest or find other things to do. Remember these

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how to dance with a hulahoop with deanne love
Beginners & Beyond

How to Dance with a Hula Hoop

Was your first introduction to hooping seeing an incredible hoop Goddess at a festival or some hoop star on YouTube doing their thing? I am sure they made it look wonderfully easy. Tried it yourself and realized dancing inside your hoop can be tricky?

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How to Chest and Shoulder Hoop
Chest Hooping

How to Hula Hoop on Your Chest and Shoulders

Some call it Hoop Heaven; if you have been slogging away trying to chest and shoulder hoop without much luck you might be thinking of it as Hoop…that other place that starts with H that’s apparently hotter than Bikram. (train with me online about shoulder hooping) I am going to give you the chest and

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