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30 Ways to Add More Fun to Your Hula Hoop Practice


30 ways to spice up and gain more from your hula hoop practices.

The most exciting time of any new challenge is that honeymoon phase, the beginning but as time passes and other commitments creep in it can be difficult to stay focused, you can loose interest or find other things to do.

Remember these are just suggestions; some of them are sensible, others strict, some are just downright silly.

Take what works for you and leave the rest. As always life is a choose your own adventure!

  1. Pound the alarm. When your morning wake up alarm goes off rise and shine then set another alarm. A hoop alarm! Set a reminder on your clock/phone that tells you it is hoop time. When that buzzer goes grab your hoop and get into the spin, no excuses.
  2. Girls (or moopers) on film. Download a lesson or watch something on YouTube that is NEW and practice it. WARNING: do not get stuck! YouTube as we all know is addictive and sometimes you can spend your whole hoop practice watching videos for inspiration. Watching hooping on YouTube is NOT the same as hooping!
  3. Gold Stars. Set up a reward system for yourself. Finish a week get a … , finish the whole 30 get a … Make sure you put a reward in place for most improved hooper, most enthusiastic hooper. Hey if you are doing this alone you can reward yourself with all of them! It is meant to be fun remember!! This is a challenge and seeing a challenge through to the very end is worth being rewarded for. It is also a great target to aim for.
  4. Hey Mr DJ. Spend an hour making a really cool playlist of all of the fun tunes you really love to move to, this will really help your groove. Add some diversity to the tracks and hoop along to the changes.
  5. Turn the beats around. Try hooping to another hooper’s music. That could be a whole new challenge – unless you have identical music tastes of course.
  6. Grrrrr. Turn it into a full blown, all out competition. Get some friends together on or offline and see who can hoop the most over the next 30 days. Tally up your minutes/hours at the end of the 30 days and award some gold, silver and bronze medals (or chocolates, cocktails and hugs – whatever you are in to).
  7. Track your progress. Checking in on the Hooplovers 30 Day event page is great but make a more personal account of your progress. You might write down the moves you master each practice, the way you feel, the changes in your body and mind.
  8. Make it snappy. One day that you know you are going to be super busy set yourself the challenge of a 5 minute ONLY hoop jam (but make every second count). Try tearing yourself away at the 5 minute mark!
  9. Set up a hoop circuit for yourself. Choose your number of circuits. Set yourself a task at each station. Set a timer or use an App like Gym Boss to run you through the stations and GO FOR IT!
  10. Dress up! Do I need to explain this one? If you do PLEASE share the pics!
  11. Have a hoop party. Hula hoops + music + people = a hoop party! If you want to go all out on invitations, decorations, special guests and circle shaped food then please do – just remember to take photos for us!!
  12. Go on a hoop holiday. Even for an hour, go some place you have been wanting to go in your local area but you have never made it to OR find a new location you have never visited and make it a hoop destination.
  13. Have a slow day. For one hoop practice do everything as slow, poised and full of grace as you possibly can. Resist the urge to speed up and rock out just take your time, breathe and move through the motions with calm intention. Notice how this changes the way you move and the tricks you do.
  14. Take stock. Spend one practice taking stock of all the tricks you know, write them down and be amazed at how many are coming through. Keep brainstorming and moving and building your list.
  15. Everybody cut loose! I am talking about fancy foot work, for a whole practice keep those tootsies moving. Move yourself around the space, walking, spinning, running, jumping, twirling, pivoting, sashaying; but whatever you do keep those feet in motion. Notice the new level of intensity this brings and the swirling up of new energy and flow.
  16. Stream of consciousness. Pick two or three songs and hoop consistently to those songs with free flow and a playful approach, as soon as the playlist stops find a comfortable position to sit, quietly pick up a pen and paper and write for three minutes, you can set a timer. A stream of consciousness, write about anything and everything see what comes out.
  17. Let’s Get Physical. Yes you are totally allowed to wear spandex and a gtard for this practice.  80s aerobics hoop class anyone? Yes!
  18. Circle Art. Attach weird and wacky things to your hoops and spin up something new. With my kiddie hoopers I like to attach scarves to hoops and pretend we are fire hooping; who says we can’t do what the kids do?
  19. Tactile. Find various objects to hold in your hands as you hoop. Could be pieces of fabric, tea light candles, cups of glitter, glow sticks, uncooked eggs, maraccas, water bottles…anything. This brings attention to your hands and arms giving you more sensation and motivation to move them instead of letting them hang.
  20. Twinkle toes. Attach bells to your toes or ankles. Enjoy making music as your spin.
  21. Get Your Gear Off. Hoop topless, hoop bottomless…oh what have you got to loose? Take it all off! (Please don’t do this at the shopping mall or local park or you might be hooping in a jail cell; just saying)
  22. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Create a safe space, put on some hoop music and a blindfold. Allow yourself to feel the hoop as it connects with your body. Watch the thoughts that drift in and out of your mind and feel the freedom of not having to keep watch over the hoop, let your sense of touch take over.
  23. Handy work. For one whole practice resist the urge to put your hoop on your body, get really comfortable manipulating your hoop in both hands.
  24. Just do it. Pick your hardest, trickiest, almost don’t wanna go there hoop move and GO THERE! Set a time 10 mins, 1 hour whatever it is and just work that trick. Catch yourself every time you find doubt, frustration and fear coming in, push it out and keep the new trick flow flooding in. You will be a pro in no time.
  25. Gold medal. Pretend you have been selected for the final round at the Olympics and you are going to perform a hoop number. With or without sparkly leotards and a gorgeous classical track you execute a 10/10 performance with flying leaps, extravagant throws, and breathtaking dive rolls (be careful do this at your own risk) Of course your pointed toes and posture are perfect at all times! You should probably have an award ceremony and sing your national anthem just to be authentic in your make believe.
  26. Teacher, teacher. Teach a hoop trick to someone, anyone. Your partner, mother, friend, neighbor, cat, dog. Analise the trick, how your hoop moves and body moves. Break it down and share it. You could even put your tutorial up on YouTube and become super duper famous!
  27. You are on in 5. Imagine you have just received a phone call from a booking agent at your favourite club/restaurant/church/school/festival they found out you are a professional hula hooper doing a 30-day challenge so they know you must be really amazing and they want you to do a show TONIGHT. You have to design, make and put on a costume of your choice, go into makeup and get to the venue. As you walk through the door the manager shows you the stage area and tells you that you will be on in 5 mins. What track will you use? Warm up and get ready this is the show of a lifetime, all eyes are on you, so ready, set, GO! You rock the house and as a reward, they give you a bonus check for $50 000 for a five-minute show. You are a superstar!
  28. Showtime. Design a 1, 3 or 5-minute choreography to a track that you love and perform it!
  29. Sassy sequence. Pick 10 tricks that you really like, write them down even if you don’t know the names make them up. Spend half of your practice trying to transition your 10 tricks together, then the second half hoop dancing the sequence over and over.
  30. Count to eight. Pick a track with an 8 beat that you can count to. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Practice a new trick for each set of eight e.g halo 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 floating 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 isolation 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Pick up your hoop and get into the spin!

What other ways do you bring life to your hoop practices? How do you keep inspired? Which one of my 30 ways do you use the most?

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