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Learn How to Pass a Hula Hoop with Your Elbows

HOOPLOVERS Deanne Love Elbow Passing ( in front and back) Hula Hoop Tutorials and Tips

I had a lot of requests for elbow passing pop up on the Hooplovers Fb page and in my inbox, so when I was in Bali earlier this I whipped up this little tutorial to get you into the flow.

Has the mystery of elbow hooping success been getting you down? I have got the key for you.

As with a lot of these types of tricks you want to watch that your posture is aligned to keep the hoop in place, your pulsing is switched on to keep the hoop spinning and when you want to switch from one position to another you pick the right time. Mind the gap, that is what elbow passing is all about. Watch this video and I will teach you how to pass from elbow to elbow in front of your body and behind.

How did you go?

Did you give it a try? What worked for you?

What are you still stuck on?