How a Hula Hoop Changed My Life

Yesterday on the Hooplovers Facebook Page I asked,  “How has hooping changed your body?”


I expected answers like “I lost … pounds” or “I feel stronger” But the responses were much more powerful and heart felt.


Hoopers from all over the world were sharing stories of complete transformation. Many talked about overcoming pain; both physical and emotional. There were stories of weight loss, career change, soaring self confidence, new friendships and more creativity.


Some hoopers even declared a hula hoop saved their life!


I resonated in many ways with every one of the comments shared, from the light hearted to the deeply painful.


At the age of 30 a hula hoop came into my life and completely changed every aspect of it.

How could a plastic ring have such super powers?

I don’t spend much time questioning the how all I know is that hooping changed my life and reading through the comments shared yesterday I realise I am not alone.

The stories shared inspired me, so here are just 10 ways a hula hoop has changed my life. I would love to hear your hoop story. You can share it with me here or below in the comments.


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