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The Cumulative Effect of Hooping

I believe that hooping has a magical cumulative effect. Have you felt it?

Like every time you hoop you feel a little stronger, a little more joyous, balanced, confident, centred. Every time you get in your circle you feel a little more awesome, a little more cool, special, sacred, glittery, badass and ready to take on the world.

So whether you hoop for 2 minutes or 2 hours it all adds to your super hooper powers.

Hooping has certainly given me powers that have built up over time and continue to grow.

– Physically hooping has built my muscle strength so that I could realign my posture, heal old injures and keep my body in shape.

– Emotionally hooping has given me confidence to express myself and share that with others.

– Creatively hooping has given me connection with movement as a way to voice my individual style, my range of emotions and my connection with music.

– Hooping has connected me to the raddest people around the globe.

– Hooping has given me a platform to share my strengths.

– Hooping has allowed me to live a lifestyle I adore and provided a delicious career.

– Hooping has opened doors, given opportunities.

– Hooping has shown me that when I do my best, when I try without giving up I will achieve my goals.

Every time I pick up my hoop and gift myself with play and practice these powers multiply.

What super powers has hooping given you? Share yours in the comments below.

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