Beginner? Intermediate? Hoop Star? Professional? Starting Out?

HOOPLOVERS Flow Session Hoopdance Tutorial

Oh this is such tricky territory. The labels. The categorizing of moves. Argh it all gets a little muddy.

For the longest time I have used the term “Beginners & Beyond” This gives hoopers of all skill and dedication level an option. If you are a beginner, just starting out then a beginners & beyond class/workshop/series would support the start of your hoop journey. If you are beyond the foundations the “beyond” would support your growth.

I originally titled this week’s Flow Session as “intermediate” but I scrapped that for a more descriptive title.

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12 Weeks to Hoop Dance Flow – Beginners Flow Sessions

HOOPLOVERS Flow Session Package Hulahoop Videos plus hulahoop action place e-book

Totally excited to share the first Flow Sessions downloadable series with you.

Thanks to your feedback we have crafted a super fun package to ignite your hoop dance flow. Not only will you get a downloadable video collection of 12 unique hoop dance sequences but we have also added a few extra special bonuses. You can get yours here! 

The whole series is a collection of 12 hoop dance sequences + a Flo Mo video + a “Making your own Flow Sessions” video PLUS a 12 week Flow Session plan with some extra juicy hoop loving.

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Spinning in Circles – Mandala Flow Session

Flow Session Mandala Sequence Tutorial

Yes Mandala is the Sanskrit word for Circle. I know, cool huh? In hooping what I like to call the Mandala moves are circles within circles and brilliant for improving your coordination using both sides of the body as well as moving in the back plane. Mandala moves also open the heart; yep you will … Keep reading

One Handed Helicopter with Lisa Lottie

Lisa Lottie One Handed Helicopter

This week’s free hoop dance video tutorials is “One Handed Helicopter” with Lisa Lottie. Lisa Lottie also taught us another free hooping tutorials in the past “Waist to kneee Hooping“

Post Hoop Jam Smoothie Recipe

Hooping like the rock star that you are you need to take good care of your gorgeous body. The best way to do that is keep it moving, give it lots of love and gratitude and fill it with nutrient rich foods. So here is a fabulous cocktail of goodness to make after your next hoop session!

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