Do Your Isolations Suck?

Hoopdance Isolations

I clearly remember where I was all those years ago when I started practicing isolations with my hoop; my huge, oversized, chunky hoop. It was rainy season in Tokyo at the time so I was stuck indoors for my hoop practice and decided that I was going to nail isolations. Ouch!

This was well before the iso pop days and all the fancy iso thingies that are spinning around now, so all I really practiced was the one handed center isolation until my hands and arms were numb. I kind of hated them to be honest, and never felt like I would really use them in my hoop dance flow. That feeling quickly changed.

Isolations are so powerful to draw focus, to punctuate a beat or to change the energy of the hoop dance. Definitely worth the practice, but they do take effort to master.

This week’s tutorial is a Half Moon Iso Pop. You can check that out below, it is super fun and symmetrical. I have created quite a few isolation tutorials over the years, you can check them out below or download the Hooplovers app and watch them there. If you feel like you isolations suck or you feel like bringing in some new strength and balance training then check the tutorials below.

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