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What is Hooplovers?

Hooplovers is your online destination for hoop learning. We share the largest library of free hoop dance tutorials, downloadable lessons, online hoop courses and teacher training resources. Hooplovers is the ultimate portal for total beginners, well seasoned hoop spinners or those looking to become professional hoop instructors.
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What is Hooping?

Hooping is a full body, fun workout. Hooping is a mood altering practice. Hooping is an expressive form of freedom. Hooping is playtime for adults. Hooping is for all ages, skill levels and bodies. Hooping is dance inside an adult size hula hoop.
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Most Popular Online Courses


Foundation of Hooping Hooplovers Online Class

Body hooping is the foundation of hoop dance; it is a workout, a dance and playtime. This online workshop shares all the instruction & support you will need to kickstart your on body hoop dancing journey, from understanding the basic dynamics of keeping the hoop in rotation to more advanced on body manipulation.

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Upper Body Hooping Online Class Hooplovers

Join this Upper Body Hooping Workshop with Deanne Love and accelerate your freedom in the hoop. In this online workshop you will be guided to strengthen your skills in chest, shoulder, neck, core and expressive upper body hooping. Each video demonstrates the move in real time and slow motion then breaks down the instructions.

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Breaks Hula Hoop Online Training Hooplovers

Breaks and reversal bring interest and diversity into your hoop dance. Not only will you see improvement in your hoop dance style but you will feel huge shifts in your coordination, strength and understanding of hoop pathways.

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Who is Deanne Love?

Deanne Love has launched a global revolution inside the hula hoop. Hoopers around the globe tune in to learn from Deanne's fresh and passionately positive style of hoop dance instruction. The one time primary school teacher and creative founder of shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and hoop teacher education.

Strong in the art of streamlined instruction and intuitive facilitation, Deanne turns up the volume on the "feel-good-factor" as a focus of success for all level of hooper. She shares hoop dance as a delicious hot pot of tricks, transitions and technique. Harnessing both the flavours of individual style and collective energy, Deanne supports group diversity and the exploration of unique hoop stardom in all of her facilitation.

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