The new Hooplovers video lesson library opens soon.

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I get that you may have come here to search for a new hoop trick, a way to add a little more fun to your workout/life or even just to see what this hooping craze is all about. But what I am offering you stretches well beyond a spinning plastic circle.

True and miraculous, a sparkling hula hoop can change lives (I have seen it happen far too many times to argue) but there is a whole lot more to living a well rounded life.

I am making it my mission to share the good juice with you so feverishly that cracks start to appear in all that you know and do; and when you peak through those cracks or even dive right in you see and feel the life you have been waiting for, the person you have been searching for. It is YOURS. It is YOU.

The new Hooplovers video lesson library opens soon. Find out more

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