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3 Ways to Sell With Heart (Business Plan) : What I Learned from a Balinese Lady on the Beach

3 Ways to Sell With Heart (Business Plan) : What I Learned from a Balinese Lady on the Beach

Hanging out on Sanur Beach, a mecca for sun seekers, the sights and sounds are many. The loudest come from venders along the boardwalk. Swarming on tourists the locals sing “Look at my shop” “I have many beautiful things for you” “Please look” “Where are you going?”

The competition on the strip is ferocious. The ladies of the Sanur have the call to action down pat, but what most of them miss are the first two vital steps to making stress free sales.

One lady caught my attention today, it wasn’t just her rockin’ snake print top. Nyoman pulled out her secret sales weapons. I will bet my Nasi Goreng that this Balinese beauty has not read the New York Times Best Sellers nor the latest online course by super star marketers, she had natural talent. A skilled seller, who I would later find out has two teenage children and a husband that she supports with her sales, she knew there are two essential steps before the direct call to action or beg for the sale.

Nyoman came up to me as I was stopped on my bicycle she asked with a smile, “What are you doing today?” I told her I had got us lost looking for a vegetarian warung that had good reviews and joked that maybe Masao was grumpy. With a look only a Mother could give she turned to Masao and said, “Oh no, grumpy is no good. You have to give love to get love.” She then went on to share some sage advice about relationships and life in general. Not once trying to sell anything. Nyoman understood that the first key to a good sale is building a relationship.

Make a connection. Build trust.

Nyoman’s next tactic was so gracefully executed, I stood in awe of her. After some laughs and chatter she leant into Masao and whispered, “You know if you want to be good husband you buy your wife something nice” BAM! Step number 2 checked off the list.

Provide a solution to a problem. 

At that point I was prepared to buy anything from her shop, whether I needed it or not, I wanted to give my money to this lady. And we did.

Nyoman Bali

Not only did Nyoman make great sales today she got two more admirers (built her tribe), a customer for life (a repeat shopper) and we have told many friends the story already (free promotion). All because she employed the 3 powerful keys to selling products/services.


Make connections, share your art, offer something for free, give, give, give.


Offer solutions, ask your tribe what they like and need then provide it.


Ask your community to buy your products and services.

As a Hoop Love Coach naturally you want to fill your classes, sell out your workshops, skyrocket your subscribers, sell all of your hoops. Asking directly is a good tactic. But if you follow Nyoman’s (and all connected and skilful community builders and profit makers) process chances are you won’t even have to ask, you will be excited by the abundance (community and wealth) that comes your way.

Now it is time to get creative and have some fun with this.

How will you make connections with your community? What can you provide that will build trust? How can you give solutions for your tribe? How will you ask your tribe to purchase your offerings with heart?

Change lives, including your own by becoming a Hoop Love Coach. Learn how to turn your passion for hooping into abundance.

The next Hoop Love Coach training starts September 1, 2014. 30 days of guided training online through 12 key modules including Setting the Stage, Marketing Magic, Creating Abundance, All Things Hoopy, The 3T’s, Sequences to Support Flow, Crafting Classes/Workshops/Parties, Diversity in the Hoop, The Art of Teaching, Plus Bonus Modules.

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How to Make a Hula Hoop Dream Catcher with Fire Opal Feathers

How to Make a Hula Hoop Dream Catcher with Fire Opal Feathers

Want to catch some sparkling hoop dreams? You need to make yourself a Hula Hoop Dream Catcher.

You will need:

- one hula hoop

- old t-shirts

- beads for fun and colour

- hoop tape that you can get from Pretty Sticky, Hoopologie, Fancy Tapes, Hoop Supplies and maybe even Target or other craft stores.

- craft glue

- scissors

and this instructional video to make your very own dream catcher:

When you make your dream catcher take a pic and tag me on Instagram – deannelovexo

Hoop Dance Flow Session Bali

Hoop Dance Flow Session Bali

Nothing like a bit of sun, sand and paradise to unlock hoop dance flow.

This tutorial makes me dream of being back at the beach. Grab your hoop let’s daydream our way through this Flow Session. A combination of fluid off body hoop dance moves. Let’s break in down nice and slow then flow it all together.

How to Meditate – 5 Techniques for Life

How to Meditate – 5 Techniques for Life

My first memory of meditation comes from childhood. After a wild day of schoolyard happenings I would lay face up on the trampoline in our back yard and visualise spirals and colours in the sky, relaxing my whole body and calming my mind. I had no label for the practice it just intuitively allowed me to chill out.

In high school a teacher introduced me to full body meditation. We would lay on the classroom floor as she guided us through complete relaxation techniques “Your feet are soft and relaxed, your ankles are soft and relaxed….” all the way up to the face, head and hair. I still use this technique regularly today more than 20 years on.

Since then I experimented with various forms of meditation including crystal meditation, group meditation, Reiki meditations, dance, hoop, breath, yogic, chakra, chanting, colour and floating meditations.

Of all the health giving practices of life I believe it is meditation that has provided the most balance and grounding, encouraging calm and equanimity.

Meditation techniques can be so diverse but there are a few key considerations when taking on the daily focus time.

1. Commit to the practice, set aside uninterrupted time every day.

2. Experiment with techniques that feel good.

3. Notice improvements and shifts but do not be discouraged by frustrations and mind distractions.

4. Give thanks for your practice and be mindful of the effects it has on your daily life.

Here are 5 techniques that you may want to experiment with to bring some calm into your soul and diversity into your practice.

1. Guided Meditation

A guided practice can give powerful focus and direction. There is a huge range of meditation podcasts, recordings, videos and books.

2. Active Meditations

My favourite being the OSHO meditations, in particular the Kundalini Meditation.  These meditations allow cathartic expression and insightful stillness to create a dynamic experience. Full body and soul stirring, certainly not your cross legged yogi in the cave kind of meditation.

3. Vipassana or Mindfulness

This silent and still practice is about letting the mind and breath do it’s thing while simply observing it’s activities and staying present. The idea is to let thoughts come and go never attaching to any one stream. You may also hear of people going on “Vipassana retreats” where they are in silent practice most commonly for 10 days. Buddhist tradition believes Vipassana gives insight into the true nature of reality.

4. Kundalini (maybe sometimes referred to as Chakra Meditation)

Kundalini refers to the rising flow of energy in the body.  Using the breath actively the idea of Kundalini meditation is often to concentrate on sending the breath or movement up through the energy centers or Chakras.

5.  Transcendental Meditation

TM is one of the more popular methods of meditation. Often practiced in a seated lotus position with back up straight (although not essential) TM uses mantras and breath to settle into the practice.



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