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Your Creativity is Limitless : Hoop Dance Transitions

What if you knew that your hoop dance creativity was limitless? What if you truly believed it?

The secret to all of this of course is in the DOING. Belief comes through actions.

When you play and DO, moves roll into place, the body strengthens and ease comes. With ease comes confidence and the spark of exploration. Limits are blasted through and creative adventures are endless.

Last week’s tutorial was a floaty, creative adventure from on body to off body: Vortex Lift Off. In the essence of being more adventurous and creative with our hoops by taking action let’s go back over the juicy gateway moves that take us from trick to flow…


If you are feeling extra courageous you can dive right in to my Transitions playlist on YouTube. 

Or just check out a few below. Sure to get your limitless creative juice flow. Enjoy the dance!


4 Transitions from Vertical Hooping

3 Wedgie Breaks Transitions


5 Twin Transitions

Do you have some favourite transitions that help you to explore new moves and pathways in your hoop dance?

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