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Lisa Lottie Teaches Us How to Split Hoops

Lisa Lottie Waiste to knee hooping

Sometimes even one hoop can be tricky to wrangle but for world famous, crowd wowing performer Lisa Lottie one seems like never enough. So when we got requests for multiple hoop tricks I knew just who to call on.

Lisa Lottie Waist to knee hoop split
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In this fabulous hula hoop tutorial Lisa shares with us the importance of practice and patience but also the finer details of getting the waist and knee hooping split sorted out. Good luck!

The other exciting news is there is another tutorial from Lisa on it’s way so make sure you subscribe to the Hooplovers YouTube; don’t miss it!

Here is another tutorials from Lisa – One Handed Helicopter

Be sure to check out Lisa’s incredibly gorgeous website and get in touch on her Facebook page

So grab two hoops and get to it. I happen to know Lisa practices incredibly hard, super inspiration!


Lisa Lottie Waiste to knee hooping
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