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Off Body Hoop Dance Workout – I Got U Duke Dumont

I Got U by Duke Dumont is such a fun Summer festival kind of song that I couldn’t resist creating this funky, off body hoop dance workout. But just because it is playful and fun doesn’t mean this is not going to give you a rocking workout.

The moves are all off body so you can use any hoop you like but the energy really picks up and the isolations are killer for toning your arms. So enjoy every moment.

Try it a few times with me, follow along watching the video on my YouTube. Then download the workout notes below and grab the song; you are ready to work it into your daily playtime for an extra cardio workout and a total coordination amplifier.

Download and/or print out this week’s Hoop Love Body workout here. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @deannelovexo #hooplovers #hooplovebody when you rock this one out.


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