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Music to Rock Your Hoop : Monthly Hoop Playlists

Since Spotify came into existence making hoop playlists has become a dream. With a huge range of new tunes to discover every time I open the app, what used to take me hours to compile is now so quick and easy. For most of this year I have been making monthly hoop playlists with hours of hoop music in each.


August Hoop Love

My August Hoop Love Playlist on Spotify stays true to my addiction to powerful female vocals over floaty melodies. A mixture of new chill and dance tracks with some soulful classics mixed in. I am loving the resurgence of lyrics from the past being remixed and sampled into new school anthems.

Jump into all of the hoop playlist on my Spotify account, ideal for hoopers, jams and hoop teachers.

What is your favourite hoop track at the moment?

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