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Moving Through Mandalas – In and Out

Last week in San Francisco I was in a completely different work environment, a coffee fueled tech cafe that was absolutely buzzing while I wrote the post;

“Tough Hoop Love. What to do when you feel like you suck.”

It got a super special response, thank you for all of the replies and emails. I took your ideas, replies and thoughts to Hoop Camp with me and did a bit of a sneaky, undercover quiz. 

What I noticed bubbling up in all kinds of hoopy ways where the exact ideas I wrote about in the post. Hundreds of hoopers all doing their thing…

– laughing at themselves
– accepting their current abilities and moving towards improvment
– light hearted humor
– practice, practice, practice

You know I am a big fan of that last one so here is this week’s hoop dance tutorial to ignite your hoop practice.

OK let’s get physical. We are going to take a look at how to move into a Mandala hoop move and how to spin out of it. This week I am breaking down the foundations of one of my favourite moves.

Essentially there are two ways to flow into a Mandala move.

You can turn away from your hoop so that it is spinning in the plane behind you or you can swing your hoop behind you so it is ready to rock in the behind the back plane.

When you are done with your Mandala beauty again, to begin with, there are two ways to flow into another move – turn towards your hoop so it is now in your front plane and ready to spin into an isolations, spin, front plane play or weave/swing your hoop up and over into the front plane.

Mandala practice action plan…

1. Create a sequence that includes all 4 elements of this tutorial – turning in and out, swinging in then weaving out.

2. Bring character and energy to your Mandala moves. What emotion can you use to flow through them? Powerful? Ecstatic? Deflated? Enthusiastic? Whimsical? Bring new light and shine to your Mandala practice.

Grab your hoop and have a spin with me. If you have been confused by Mandala moves or getting stuck when you try to move through them this week’s tutorial will help you!

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