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Most popular YouTube videos of the year : Hooplovers

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Most Popular Hula Hoop Videos

Another year, another epic adventure with hoopers in YouTube land. The most popular YouTube video of all time on my channel is still the very first video we shot. How to Hula Hoop for Beginners. With over 1 million views that is pretty sweet for a little hooping tut. It was also the tutorial that started our YouTube adventure back in 2013; since then we have been posting every week and have some fun plans coming up for 2017. Thank you a million times over for joining us!

And the 2nd most popular video on my channel? Glitter Roots! HA!

Let’s take a look at what was popular in 2016 on the Hooplovers YouTube channel.

The beginner tutorial for the basic escalator was top of the charts this year.

Did you find this one helpful?

Followed by the beginner tutorial for the horizontal isolation

And the third most popular video from 2016…

The Crotch Trap!

Of course

The three most popular YouTube videos of all time, not counting the How to Hoop for Total Beginners or Glitter Roots, are…

How to chest and shoulder hoop

4 vortex variations (complete with the most demonic looking thumbnail)

And Pulsing Isolations

Closely followed by How I Eat Chocolate Everyday : A 5 Minute Hoop Workout

Have you found my YouTube video helpful this year? What was your favourite?

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