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In the vibrant Melbourne arts warehouse where I hoop, work and play there is profound art on every wall, door and flat surface. The back of the toilet door reads, “Nike shoes give you foot odor and bad karma” I always have a little chuckle when I read that one and imagine the cool hippie that scrawled it there.

Not entirely sure if wearing Nike trainers will impact my fortune in the next life so I am not going to risk it BUT there is one thing that Nike has right…it’s Mantra (aka marketing slogan) JUST DO IT

I get hundreds of emails and comments every day most of them are sweet words of gratitude but the majority of them are from hoopers asking for advice on various hoop moves. The greatest piece of advice I can give is ridiculously unoriginal but powerfully foolproof – JUST DO IT. Try it, over and over and over again. I promise, it works. Enjoy it.

This simple yet effective method of just doing it has a powerful outcome. With each action you just get better and better.

So I have an action plan for you this week…

Step 1. Practice the 360 Weave that Ngaire showed us a few weeks ago.

Step 2. Practice the Mandala Swing Start

Step 3. Play with this week’s Flow Session: Mandala & 360 Weave

You will need to clear some space for this week’s flow session so you can fully express and move through the sequence.

Report back on your progress below!

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